Quick Breadmaking Tip

Just a quick helpful tip I discovered from my Mom. I've been nursing a jar of sourdough bread starter for the last four years, but rarely make it except on special occasions. Part of my problem has been that I can never get the dough to rise very well. I've always assumed that this had something to do with my not holding my mouth right or not doing the dough-rising dance properly or the stars and planets not being in the proper alignment or something like that. But, to my delight, I discovered last night that if you put the dough into an OFF oven with a bowl of boiling water (in a heat proof bowl) and let it sit all day or night, it rises beautifully. The bowl of hot water steams up the oven inside and creates the perfect warm, humid conditions that are so conducive to bread-rising.

Hope that helps you in your own little world.... More to come later on more serious topics. But hey, if I can't always be philosophical, at least I'll try to be helpful.

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