Help for Haiti

You may have noticed that I have added some links on my sidebar where you can donate to help the relief efforts in Haiti. Please keep the people down there and the relief workers going to help them in your prayers - so much loss and devastation. My heart has been very heavy for everyone down there this week.

I may not be able to blog much for the next little while... I am having major computer issues, and half the time my mouse and/or keyboard just decides to quit working (this is the third time I've attempted to write this post - it started out much longer! Oh well...). I will try to check in often to see your comments and keep up with orders and e-mails, and I will still announce the giveaway winner on Friday, but I may not be doing much posting in the near future. I hope you will keep checking back though - I do have a few little things I want to show you soon - if I can swipe my husband's laptop for a while, I may be able to load some pictures that way! And incidentally, if anyone has a new Mac lying around going to waste, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :o)

Don't forget - you've still got until Friday to enter my giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment, and you can win 3 of my greeting cards! Click here to enter!

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