Just for Fun Friday

See how well you do on the COLOR TEST. Click HERE to start!


  1. OK, I had to re-read over the DIRECTIONS like 10 times before I could even do the TEST! (I loathed story problems in high school) The first time it ran through, I still didn't get it so I got a zero! I took a second time, laughing, and got a 75. I'm exhausted!

  2. lol... sorry you had so much trouble, Bree! (Maybe not so much "just for fun...") I read the directions wrong at first too and got a zero.... took it several more times and FINALLY got them all. It is really tricky though!

  3. It was actually really great to do something to work my brain. I mean, I can fold laundry in my sleep.

  4. How funny, I failed the first few times myself and had to reread the directions over and over until I finally got it, was not about to let it get me! lol....


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