Reading Goals for 2010

OK, well, this blog is primarily about art... however, it's also about "the meanderings of my mind" as I work on art projects, and often, that involves thinking about the books I'm reading (or listening to - thanks, itunes!).
Jessica, over at Life As Mom, is hosting a linky about all the books you hope to read this year...You're supposed to pick 12 books you plan to read during 2010, list them, and link to your list on her blog... so here's my list (although I have more than 12 - I have big plans for this year!).

1. The Bible - I usually read it through once a year, but this year, I'm going to attempt to double up each day and read it twice. So far, I'm on schedule... hopefully I can keep up the discipline. I'm using this chronological reading plan, which I did last year, and really enjoyed it. This is the Bible I read.

2. The Complete Works of Charles Dickens (Everything I've not yet read), which includes:

(I'm well on my way through Bleak House already - a Christmas gift from Josh!)

(I've read A Christmas Carol, but I plan to read the other two)

(I'm rather dreading this one, because Dickens died while writing it and, consequently, left it unfinished - the nerve! - but nevertheless, I am determined to read everything he wrote, so it can't be helped.)
There are a number of shorter works by Dickens that I plan to read as well, but you get the idea. If you see some glaring oversights in this list, it's because I've already read them...

(I have to say, I'm looking forward to the content of this book, but I appreciate the wit of the title as much as anything... classic.)


(This title may be very well applied to this reading goal list... but hey, that's what goals are about, no?)


(If the shoe fits...)








(Yes, I'm serious... I have bought it, and it's sitting on my shelf, waiting...)



I'm sure this list will be tweaked over time (and very possibly shortened as those pesky things like laundry and meals and work and sleep get in the way)... but I do want to read all of these books (and many others) sometime in the not-too-distant future...

So, what are your reading goals for the year? I'd love to hear - and maybe discover some more gems to add to my list! Happy reading...


  1. Beth, that is an incredible list! Wow! I have War and Peace too. I bought it after I read Anna K., which is my all-time favorite novel. Still haven't read it yet, though. I need to read more Dickens too. Not as likely to happen with me going back to work. Sigh...

  2. Thanks, Katy - I'm hoping to make it through it! It's pretty ambitious, I know... we'll see how it goes. Anna K. is on my long list too - I hope to get to it one day too! Glad to know you liked it. I hope things go well at your new job! God bless!

  3. I must say that this is quite an ambitious list. Good luck getting through it. I know that I personally couldn't read through that many Charles Dickens novels in a year...I'd have to stretch it out over several!

  4. Well,Nancy, I may not make it though this list - it is very ambitious. We'll see how it goes! I certainly appreciate your sentiments on Dickens - he can be rather a windbag at times. :o) But I am a bit obsessed with him right now and can't get enough. My enthusiasm may dwindle a bit after the next few thousand pages or so... we'll see! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. After you read a book, head on over to my new reading blog and give it a review!!! "Reading Has Addled My Brain!" http://macandpeeg@blogspot.com

  6. Oooh! I'm planning on reading War and Peace too... Thought it might be a good idea to finish the other 27 books that I'm reading before I start that one. I REALLY need to finish Great Expectations this year... I've been reading it since I was 10. (That's incredibly sad, I know!)

    I almost started In a Glass Darkly today, but I told myself "NO!" I've been knitting and working like crazy lately, so the last time I read was about a week and a half ago :-S Happy reading~

  7. Looks like a great list. I'm sorry I didn't leave a comment before. How is the list going for you?

  8. Thank you, FishMama! It's going pretty well. I've started a new job, which cuts down on my reading time, so now it seems really ambitious, but it's going well. I'm keeping track of my reads on my sidebar, so you can see what I've read so far and what my current reads are... It's been fun to see what other people's reading plans are... thanks for the idea!


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