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Today, I wanted to share an event with you that I think looks fantastic.

On April 1-3, at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, they will be performing
A New Creation - Living Gallery 2010.

Here's the description from their website:
In the Living Gallery, the imagined becomes real. Have you ever viewed a work of art that looked so real that the depicted characters seemed to almost move and breathe? Such imaginations come true as you experience works of art re-created life-sized on stage.

The program consists of original drama and special choral and orchestral arrangements tying together a breathtaking live portrayal of great works of art. The entire program centers around the life of Christ.
Although the drama and music play an important part in the celebration, the paintings take center stage in telling the story of Christ through this unique medium.
The characters you see portrayed in the paintings are live actors. A special set, costumes, makeup and lighting expand the painting to more than three times its original size.
Come experience “art come to life”—a unique combination of art, drama and music that together form the Living Gallery.
In this year’s presentation, A New Creation, a Christian sculptor faces the nearly impossible task of depicting the most sublime scene imaginable: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The sculptor is frustrated in attaining his ultimate goal—creating a fitting representation of the Risen Savior. Years later, as the finished sculpture is unveiled to the public, he awakens to the transforming power of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Most importantly, he learns the vital importance of sharing this redemptive truth with others.
You can learn more about the event HERE.

Apparently, BJU also has a fantastic art museum and gallery. You can learn more about it HERE. I'm hoping to make it to both the event and the museum!

Painting Credit: Descent from the Cross, Francesco Ubertini, called Il Bacchiacca,
 From the Bob Jones University Collection

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