Update on our friend...

Well, the petition I asked you all to sign turned into quite a big thing in our little town! My husband and father-in-law wound up on the 5 o'clock news today and the front page of our local paper.... Here's the clip from the news - you can learn more about our what happened with our friend, Todd, who is fighting cancer by watching this clip... (Incidentally, I was glad I cleaned the house yesterday, since I came home from work today and found out a camera crew had been in here!)

....and here's the link to the article in the Greeneville Sun - Click HERE.

Needless to say, we are very excited and thankful that the doctors have approved Todd getting the treatment! Definitely an answer to the prayers of literally thousands of people... Praise God!

To visit the facebook page that started it all, click HERE.



  1. It was so wonderful to see this news report. Makes we wonder if it had gone on longer how big this would have gotten. So glad he was accepted.

    Yup, your house looked great! ;o) Divine mercy. LOL


  2. How awesome that he is going to get the treatment! God works in mysterious ways!!!


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