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My brief review of The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens:

The basic plot: the quintessential "good man," Pickwick, surrounds himself with several young protegees (The Society of the Pickwick Club) and travels around the countryside, getting into and out of many humorous scrapes and situations. Samuel Weller, Pickwick's trusted servant (perhaps an inspiration for Wodehouse's Jeeves?), provides comic relief, rescues the Pickwickians from many awkward situations, and spouts the wisdom of a rustic philosopher.

This was Dickens' first novel, and I didn't find the plot or the characters as well developed as in some of his later works. The book is quite long, and at times it gets a little monotonous. There isn't much of an overlying plot - it's almost a collection of short stories - lots of little scrapes and incidents in which the Pickwickians find themselves, most of which could stand on their own.

Pickwick is a "larger-than-life" character who is portrayed as almost "divine." I think that may be what irritated me about this book. The idea of a perfectly innocent, "good man" with no flaws, no vices, and no sin is certainly not biblical, nor is it realistic. It made the story seem a little.....flat.

I read this because it's part of my reading goals for 2010 to read all of Dickens' novels. However, if you are interested in reading some Dickens, I would recommend starting with one of his other novels. A few of my favorites are:

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- leather Coach purse in perfect condition - $4! (The only way I would ever own a Coach purse.)
- Crocs heels like THIS - $1!


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The Pleated Poppy

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