The Merger

I interrupt this lovely fall day to bring you a technical announcement, which will utterly bore some of you and only slightly interest others. However, in case you came to http://www.bethstonestudio.com/ today and thought, "Hmm, this looks different.... 'Something changed.... Something changed....'" ("Something changed" said à la Brian Regan's description of moving sidewalks in airports - go here for the clip if you need a laugh to liven up this technical post), here's the explanation:

Thousands Scramble in Panic!

OK, not really...Anyway... Until today I have maintained two websites pertaining to my little business: this blog, and a website I had through Photobiz simply called "Beth Stone Studio", which was more of a portfolio/shopping/info site. After some deliberation and some procrastination, I have merged the two into this one blog.

My reasons are as follows:
  1. I'm trying to streamline, simplify, and get more organized (it's a disease). So, I merged my sites and am having a yard sale this weekend. (Not really related, but kind of.)
  2. I like the "community" feeling of blogs and the interaction I can have with all of you! I love my readers!
  3. Having two online stores was confusing for shoppers and more complicated for me. Now all online shopping will be through my Etsy Shop. Don't see something you want? Shoot me a message!
  4. It saves my wallet: I'm now only paying for my domain name and my Etsy and PayPal fees. Nice.
  5. I have more control over the design of my blog and have more options for features.
  6. Now my blog's address is http://www.bethstonestudio.com/ which is easier to remember and share than http://bethstonestudio.blogspot.com/, although I believe the old address will still take you to the home page.
So, in case you were looking for my other website and wound up here instead, that's why. OK, you can get on with your day....

Incidentally, I just added some listings in my Etsy Shop for custom needle felted pet portraits. I am ready to take orders! A personalized pet portrait would make a fantastic Christmas gift for the animal lover in your life!



  1. If you ever need to get away and take a trip...come visit and help me simplify and organize my life (mainly my house)! Merged site looks good...hope it is a good change for you! I looked at the Brian Regan clip you mentioned...funny stuff! I clicked on a few more to watch and his Ironing Board one is a must see...I was almost in tears!


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