On Assignment: The ADD Challenge

Howdy folks.

Thanks for tuning in for this week's edition of On Assignment. If you recall, our assignment from last week was to photograph an item that has sentimental value, then share the story behind the item along with the photo in the linky below.
At least, that's what I'm doing today. I hope some of you will be linking up as well! I had a few nibbles of interest last week, so we'll just see how this goes. I think it will be fun, and certainly won't get monotonous, because every week the assignment will be something completely new and different.

On to my item:

This particular set of Pyrex Bowls, which (minus the red one), belonged to my maternal grandmother,
who died before I was born.

 It's the one thing I own that belonged to her.

It's also the set of bowls that I grew up using in my Mom's kitchen. I remember many happy days mixing up batches of chocolate chip cookies in the big yellow bowl with my Dad, helping my Mom make salmon cakes in the green bowl, and learning some of the finer points of cooking using all three of these bowls... For most of my life, the red bowl was mysteriously missing. I found a replacement a couple of years ago at the Hillsville, VA Labor Day Weekend flea market, another family tradition.

But the blue one is my favorite.

It's the smallest.... you can see the size compared to my hand below (I have TINY hands).

Why is it my favorite, you may ask?
Well, I'll tell you.

My Mom and my Aunt Judy are fraternal twins. They were born prematurely, and when they came home from the hospital (people didn't stay in for weeks back in those days like they do now with premature babies), they were TINY. So tiny that they had a nurse sent home with them.

Their first baths were in this blue bowl!

How crazy is that? I think this bowl would be a good size to bathe a guinea pig! And my Mom was in it! I think it's hilarious.

Incidentally, I'm also pretty sentimental about the table underneath those bowls. That table belonged to my great grandparents on my Dad's side, and it's the table that my Mamaw grew up eating on. It sat out on my great Aunt's back porch for about 20 years, and was falling apart, peeling with layers of old paint, and filthy when I got it. My Dad kindly put the thing back together for me and built a new leaf for it, and I spent hours upon hours stripping off layer after layer of old paint. I gave the top a new coat of stain, painted the bottom black, and voilà! a new table for the dining room! I love it, in spite of the fact that the top is warped from being out in the weather for 20 years, and the fact that it's a little too high for my chairs.

Speaking of the chairs, I'm a little sentimental about those Windsor chairs too. My Dad and my brother made those! Aren't they pretty?

I'm pretty attached to the doggy as well. :o)

Now it's your turn. Be sure to link up below once your post is ready! Can't wait to hear your stories! And please remember to link back to this post so that others can join in on the fun. The linky will be up until next week for anyone who comes in late but still wants to get in on the fun.

And now, your assignment for next week:
Tell us about an embarrasing or awkward moment in your life.

It doesn't have to be about you, it could be something you witnessed. (Just make sure you either change the names to protect the guilty or make sure that the person(s) involved doesn't mind your blabbing about it! No photos are necessary, although if you have one that goes along with the theme, go for it.

Please keep all stories and photos family-friendly though, and be sure to provide a link back to this blog for others who want to participate. (An easy button code is on my sidebar.)

Linky party will be next Monday, November 1. Until then, link up your sentimental item photos and stories. Thanks for participating! I'd love to hear your feedback on this series so far - are you enjoying it? Drop me a line!  


  1. Ironic - I wrote about something that my grandmother gave me. As for those bowls - I have a set as well! I grew up with the yellow one (only one my mom had by the time I came along), but then one day it broke as well. I remember crying. Several years later (when we were living in MA), we were helping some friends move stuff out of a little cabin in NH and the said if we saw something we liked, we could have it. I was cleaning out kitchen cabinets and came across the set of bowls (yellow, blue, and then a peach colored one and, I think, a green one) and squealed. They went home with us. :-)

  2. Beth, those are lovely! I love anything that has the rustic feel. You know that there has been so much love poured into (and out of) those bowls.

    I love how you refinished the table as well. We have a hearth that was my great grandparents, and for the longest time it was covered in white paint. My mom had my grandfather strip and sand it, and we found out that the paint had been covering some lovely Tiger Oak, needless to say we did not paint back over it!

    I really like having the challenge. It gives me something to think about during the week, and a topic to blog on. Wonderful idea!

  3. beautiful bowls i too treasure a few bowls that my Mom gave me before she passed. Look forward to the next assignment Have an awesome week:O)

  4. Wow. What a beautiful story about those bowls. That is truly amazing that they could be bathed in there! And the bowls are just gorgeous!

    This is a really neat challenge and I'm going to see about participating at least every once in a while to spice things up! Thanks for starting it :) Carrie pointed me in your direction

  5. Thanks for joining in, Carrie, Leah, and Isabel! So glad to have you! Tiffany, thanks so much for your kind comment - I hope you'll be joining in sometimes too! Good to have you!

  6. I just bought an identical set of these bowls in perfect condition. I've admired (lusted) after them for years, so this year for my wedding anniversary, I treated myself! You should see what I'm buying myself for my birthday tomorrow.

  7. Now I'm curious, Debbie - what did you buy today? Happy Birthday! Thanks for visiting!

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    Art Inspiration and lots more.
    Thanks hope to see ya around. Deborah


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