The List that Never Ends: #61-70

This week's On Assignment was simple: Tell us what you're thankful for:


Tomorrow is a day set aside for Giving Thanks..... Don't you think we should be doing that every day?

Continuing the list....I am thankful for:

61. Sourdough bread, and a Mamaw who taught me how to make it and shared her starter with me.

62. Good pens that write smooth and dark.

63. Having my husband out of school for a few days!

64. A friend who is talking me into playing some gigs (me on violin and her on flute) downtown during the next few weeks- Christmas carols! AAAAHHHH!!! Must practice!

65. Libraries

66. The Hallelujah Chorus and things like this.

67. Vacuum cleaners, Clorox wipes, Scrubbing Bubbles Nature's Source cleaners (Wish they made shampoo too - this stuff smells GREAT!), rubber gloves, homemade cleaning recipes, soap, and other things that make life cleaner and easier.

68. Winning a soap-naming contest and two bars of the greatest homemade soap ever from this lovely lady's blog.

69. The fact that my parents home-schooled me from 2nd grade through high school. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

70. More orders for purses!

I'll be linking this post up over at Ann's Holy Experience today and at Carrie's Busy Nothings on Friday.

holy experience

Next week's On Assignment: Tell us about your latest project and post some pics! It can be anything - artsy/craftsy, furniture, DIY projects, a gourmet meal/dish, garden/yard projects, home decor, whatever. Just something that you're working on! The link party will be on Wednesday!

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Happy Giving Thanks...
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