On Assignment: The ADD Challenge: Share Your Funny Videos

Well after last week's fantastic turn-out (Thanks for linking up, Carrie!), we're back for more of the "On Assignment/ADD Challenge." Last week's assignment was "share an embarrassing moment," so it's understandable why I only had one participant....

However, this week, you have nothing like that good of an excuse. This week's assignment, as you may recall, was to share a funny video - either one that you have made yourself, or one from youtube or somewhere that makes you laugh. (Please remember, however, that this is a family-oriented blog, and I will delete any links that are not in keeping with the overall flavor I'm attempting to maintain here. So keep them clean, please! Thanks!)

A little background on my video.... In 2008, Josh and I went to Europe to visit his sister and brother-in-law, who were then stationed in Germany with the US Air Force. We spent some time traveling around Europe with their family. The video and photos featured in this video were taken in Paris, France, on and around the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.
So, without further ado, here's my video....

As you can see, it's always entertaining to travel with Josh. This is a just a small, small taste of the overall trip, which was pretty hilarious. He keeps me laughing....

OK, now it's your turn - link up those funny videos.... If you don't have a blog, post the youtube link in the comments or in the facebook comments. (Please be sure to grab the party button from my sidebar so you can direct your readers back to the link party and spread the fun! Thanks!)

And, your assignment for next week:

Write a poem, then share it with us!
It could be about anything - silly, funny, serious, sad, inspiring, romantic, whatever. Just be original. 
Maybe you're a poet and don't even know it! (groans)
Nota Bene: Next week, and thereafter, I will be doing the "On Assignment/ADD Challenge" linky on WEDNESDAYS. I think that schedule will work out better than Mondays. So check back next Wednesday for the link party and to read everyone's poems! See you then!



  1. I totally thought you were at the Wonka Factory, so was quite disappointed to find out otherwise. ;-) Pretty funny! By the way, did you know you have to go to YouTube to watch that video? I couldn't just watch it in your blog post.

    A poem - yikes. I'll still post on Monday and link up on Wednesday. Is that LEGAL?? ;-)

  2. I love this movie. Your little one is so cute! Looks like you had a fun trip!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and for the fun "On Assignment" Link Up.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Carrie - got the embedding problem fixed.

    Thank you, Molly. Actually, the little boy in the movie is my nephew - we were traveling with my sister-in-law's family. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for participating in the link party!


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