In which I make excuses for not blogging and encounter zombie llamas...

My apologies again for not posting last week's On Assignment: The ADD Challenge. The Challenge, if I remember correctly, was to post about a project on which you have been working. I submit that the reason I missed posting was that I was, indeed, working on a project.

Does that count?

At any rate, I spent all of my free time last week getting ready for this:

My friend Keri threatened talked me into playing a little gig at one of my favorite local restaurants, The Chocolate Cafe. This was our first "practice" show on Tuesday night....

To our advantage, it was pouring rain that night, and as we were set up out on the enclosed porch area, the rain drowned out any mistakes we made..... It also scared off all but our die-hard fans (Hi, Mom and Dad! Hi, Keri's Mom and Dad!) and a few folks who weren't afraid of a little (or a lot) of rain...

We played Christmas Carols, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (our grand finale), and a few impromptu Celtic jigs and such... Considering it was one of the few times I've played in the last ten years or so, we did pretty well. Of course, it helped that I was playing with a very patient and talented musical prodigy who can play pretty much anything and improvise like nobody's business.

Our second gig was on Friday night at the Downtown Chocolate Cafe. We played more of the same and entertained folks as they came in and out from the town's Tree Lighting Ceremony and Festivities.

This gig was a bit more intimidating - inside, in a room with wood floors and a high ceiling.... great acoustics, but very unforgiving of mistakes! Plus, we had a much bigger crowd this time around with more people we didn't know, and I think 90% of them were musicians themselves! Ack!

And then, we looked out the window and saw this:

Despite our first impressions, it was not actually a killer zombie reindeerslayer.

It was a llama....dressed up like a reindeer....standing on the sidewalk downtown.
A whole flock of them, actually. "Flock" is probably not the correct term for a gang of llamas. Gaggle. Posse. Litter. Swarm. School. Committee. Herd, probably. Anyway...you can see I wasn't raised on a farm.

A local llama farmer brought them downtown to be part of the evening's Christmas festivities and to... raise llama awareness...or something?

I don't think the llamas liked it. They looked nervous. Maybe they didn't like all the people talking and walking around and wanting to pet them. Maybe they didn't like all the cars and the noise.

Maybe they heard it was deer season...

At any rate, we took a break for a few minutes and got to meet the llamas and pet them...
As you can imagine, they were thrilled.

Then it was back inside for more music! Apparently, it was quite a happenin' night in our small little town - lots of music, a Civil War Ball, the lighting of two Christmas trees by Father Christmas or somebody, Christmas carollers strolling through the General Morgan Inn and WalMart dressed in Civil War attire, llamas on Main Street, free carriage rides.....

If the cannonball-in-the-church-wall wasn't enough to get you to visit our downtown,
then all this definitely was.... I had fun being a part of it.

We even made the paper the next day, and our picture was in the paper's online photo gallery....
Click HERE to see the paper's photo album from the evening....

So, what projects have you been up to? You can link up here if you are so inclined....

As to the future of "On Assignment," I believe we will be taking a little break, at least until after Christmas. I have a feeling things are going to be getting pretty busy, and this is one way to keep things a little simpler.... If there is enough outrage expressed at the absence of "On Assignment," I may bring it back in January.... I'm still deciding how I feel about the whole "meme" thing, so we'll see....

In the meantime, I'll still be posting with projects, photos, and whatever else happens to inspire me. Hope you and your family are having a lovely Christmas Season....



  1. Hahahahaha!!! Okay, so my first thought (after reading the title) was, "Zombie llamas...she must be on some kind of meds again and the flying monkeys have given way to zombie llamas!" So I was happy to read that you are not sick, just very busy. :-) As to my theory of why the llamas looked unhappy, I would guess it's because they had to wear those stupid reindeer antler headbands all night! Hahaha! That was really too funny!

    As for me and my link-ups...well, I'm done. I'm no longer doing the link-up to my Friday posts because I realized there was some pride involved and it was getting hurt. So anyway, no more link-ups on my blog, but I still think counting your blessings is a good thing and will still be doing it each Friday. People can comment if they want to, but I realized it shouldn't be about them, it's about what God has done and how He has blessed us. It's amazing how fast that pride thing comes to trip me up! :-(

    Okay, I'm done writing a book. Thanks for the laugh and glad to hear it went well (other than the rain and zombie llamas of course). Hope you have a great Christmas! Will you be with Josh on Sunday? Happy early Anniversary!! :-)

  2. You all sounded fantastic!

    I liked the pic of the llama... I was like... what is that? And I was there!

    I've been terrible about blogging lately. This season is just too crazy! Hopefully I can get back to it soon.

    Love much~

  3. Haha, Corrie - No, not on drugs for strep throat this time.... I have other witnesses to the llamas, so I know they were there. :o)

    Yes, I know what you mean about the link ups. For me, it's more about my schedule....Life is a little crazy right now, and I don't like feeling obligated to blog about certain things on certain days. So, we'll see. I think I may be done with memes also, at least on a regular basis. I may link up to other ones occasionally, but definitely not every week... we'll see.

    Yes, Josh is coming home tomorrow, and we're planning on doing something fun for our anniversary. Thanks.

    Hi Leah,
    Thank you very much! Thanks for coming - you all looked great in your ballgowns! Looks like you all had fun at the ball! I'd like to do that sometime, but don't have time to get into dress making right now.... :o) Hope you have a great week!


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