You Capture: Outside

Today we woke up to a world iced over..... great for photos, not so great for anyone needing to run to places like the bank, post office, and grocery store..... So, rather than running errands today, I went out and took some photos. And here they are:

Harvey and I hope you're staying warm today, wherever you are...
We're trying to.

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  1. Isn't this ice amazing?? So pretty (but nasty on the roads and in the areas where it has knocked out power). I like the one through the tree branches - almost looks like lace. :-)

  2. The iced-over everything is just magical! Love your captures. :)

  3. Carrie, Yes it was.... as long as you weren't trying to drive in it! Thank you... I thought that one looked like lace too.

    Winn, yes, it did look a little magical outside... really beautiful. Thanks for the kind comments and for stopping by!

  4. This makes me homesick! It is cold here, but we rarely get snow. Enjoy Christmas in TN for me!

    -Ashley R.


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