Here Kitty Kitty...

This is my nephew, Gabriel.
As you can see, he loves cats...

Photograph by Beth Stone

Because he's an artsy-craftsy sort of kid, loves cats, and likes rather unusual things,
I made him this for his birthday last month:

....a needle-felted cat that (sort of) looks like his pet!

 Lemme tell ya - that streaky, stripey blended fur color is tricky to replicate with wool!

 He's been carrying it around with him though....
I think it was a hit!

Hope you're having a lovely week....


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  1. How adorable - looks wonderful - a see a beautiful tiger cat - okay Beth it's time for me to try this - giggle - cause I'm getting more and more jealous of your lovely work and now I want a bunny and a kitty.

  2. That is amazing!

  3. Thank you both!

    You really should try it sometime, Debbie - it's easier than it looks... just time-consuming. :o)

  4. You always create such adorable little animals! I love this cat.

    There's a fun surprise waiting for you on my blog today :)


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