The List that Never Ends: #96 - 110

Two years ago today, my parents' car veered off the road, clipped off a telephone pole, flipped over several times on its way down a cliff, clipped another pole, jumped over some wooden steps, and landed upside down in an ice-cold lake. You can read my Dad's description of what happened that day here. 

So, looking back on that, I am (still) thankful...

96. ... that my parents are still here.

97. ... that neither one of them got knocked out while crashing down the cliff, and they had the presence of mind to unbuckle their seatbelts before the car filled up with water.

98. ... that the right windows broke.

99. ... that my Dad was able to get out of the car, and then find my Mom in the freezing cold water.

100. ... that Dad knew First Aid and was able to rescussitate my Mom, who had basically drowned.

101. ... that their car bounced OVER the wooden steps that were right there, which they used to climb up the very sharp and steep rocks to the utility road. (My mom's shoes got knocked off and lost in the wreck.)
102. ... that the water wasn't any deeper than it was in that particular spot.

103. ... that the accident happened within walking distance of their cabin.

104. ... that they were able to get into the basement, where there was a heater and a phone.

105. ... that the ambulance and my brother got to them before they got hypothermia.

106. ... that my Mom didn't develop any pneumonia or complications from breathing in lake water.

107. ... that lots of kind friends and neighbors showed concern, brought meals, sent cards, called, and offered their help.

108. ... that their pets that died in the accident had had a good life and probably didn't suffer.

109. ... that they got a new puppy later on down the road.

110. ... that life goes on....

Love you, Mom and Dad....

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. What an amazing testimony! So glad your parents are alive and happy to have found your blog. Great list.

  2. Wow! The faithfulness of God in full splendor! Praising Him with you today.

  3. So much to be thankful for - I'm so thankful your parents are okay as well and am thankful for God's Hand of protection for them! I can't believe it has been 2 years already. Time flies.


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