Needle Felting Tutorial Video: Part I

Hiya Peeps!

Well, after a day of filming and needle felting, a day of complete frustration with my video editing software and Youtube's 10 minute video limit, and another day of editing and uploading, I am excited to bring you......

....Part I of my first tutorial video!

In this series, I am going to walk you through making a 3-dimensional needle-felted sculpture (a Winnie the Pooh bear, to be exact). I'll show you the tools you need to get started, and the basic steps for creating a felted animal. You'll be able to use the basic techniques I'll be demonstrating to make anything you want!

Here's a little preview of what I'll be making:

So, here we go.... Part I! I will be posting the rest of the videos over the next few days, so stay tuned.... :o)

Watch Part II of the tutorial HERE.
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  1. Cute video! Can't wait to see part 2.

  2. Thank you, thank you! I've been hoping for this. It's something I've always wanted to learn. Thanks for your generosity.

  3. You're welcome - hope you enjoy the series! I'll be posting the rest next week... :o)

  4. How interesting. I've seen felted items for sale on etsy, but never watched them being made. Will go watch Part II!
    Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see DD2's picture wall we did for her.


  5. Many thanks from Melbourne Australia for the needle felting videos, they are wonderful and also congrats on the new baby
    Joy McKenzie

    1. Thank you, and thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! Happy felting. :)


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