Needle Felting Tutorial Video: Part II

Hi there,

I hope you enjoyed Part I of my needle felting tutorial video series! I'm back today with Part II... Please "bear" with my filming on these clips...(Groans) I was my own camera-woman, and I didn't always keep my hands very centered... Also, I'm pretty sure my video-editing software is demon-possessed. Whenever I tried to add music or fancy titles or photos or anything, it made the entire thing freeze up and then delete my entire project. I was happy to finally work my way around the glitches and have something to show after three days of frustration....there aren't any frills though. Hopefully one day in the not-so-distant future I will have some better software to work with.... in the meantime, please accept my humble offering....

Watch Part III of this tutorial HERE.

P.S. If anybody is really enjoying these tutorials and feels inclined to send me a new MacBook Pro and professional video camera and camera crew, I won't stop you, and you will be my new BFF. ;o)


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