The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

1. Went to the health food store on Tuesday to pick up some things. The saleslady noticed one of my Proverbs 31 Woman series necklaces that I was wearing and asked me about it. I told her I make them and sell them online.... She didn't have Internet access, so I offered to bring my necklaces by so she could shop in person. She wound up buying several pieces, so I MADE money shopping that day! Woot woot! That, combined with lunch with two great friends and good news for another friend made for a great day, in spite of the rain.... Also, I learned (yet again) that wearing your wares is great, free advertising!

2. I have been reading some of the original writings by the Pilgrims. As it turns out, Squanto had a mullet, which is described in detail by the mysterious "Mourt" (who is probably a compilation of the journals of William Bradford and several others). So, in addition to teaching the Pilgrims to grow fish by planting corn, he was also one of the earliest practitioners of "business in the front / party in the back" in the New World.

3. Also, as it turns out, there was a lesser-known Indian known as Hobbamock who apparently had just about as much to do with the Pilgrims' survival as Squanto did, at least in the accounts I'm reading. He doesn't get the billing that Squanto does, however, which may or may not be related to Squanto's mullet... must do further research....

4. A law of nature I have recently discovered: As soon as you determine to commit yourself to pursuing one particular thing, 10,000 other opportunities and obstacles that were never there before will present themselves to you. Oh, the irony. I wonder if reverse psychology would work to my advantage in this situation.

5. Probably not.

6. I so miss the sun. Maybe if Al Gore turns on all the lights in all of his houses for an hour more each day, we can turn the global warming back on.

7. If you are in the Tri-Cities / Greeneville / Eastern TN / anywhere-and-willing-to-travel area during February 12 - 19, 2011, you should try to make it to some of the events for the Origins Conference that several local churches are sponsoring. Ken Ham from the Creation Museum will be there, as well as several other great speakers. For more information and a complete schedule of events, click HERE. It's gonna be good!

8. Yes, I do realize that I said Squanto was using corn to grow fish in #2. Josh and I think that joke is funny.

9. If you haven't heard enough about Squanto yet, I will be reviewing The Mayflower Papers on February 11th as part of my Booking It in 2011 book review series. Stay tuned for more random facts about our favorite Indian.

10. Read THIS article by Russell Moore. Good stuff....
11. I am 1/32 Cherokee. I'm also part French, part English, part Scottish, part Irish, and part Viking. I am also 65-70% water. You can figure out the math on all that... :o)

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I heard Ken Ham speak a long time ago. Good stuff. Your heritage sounds like mine! I just learned a few weeks ago that I had an ancestor on the Mayflower. I never knew that until a friend who does research into family trees and such told me.

  2. How funny, Debbie - one of my relatives researched our family tree, and we had an ancestor on the Mayflower as well! Maybe we're related! :o) Yes, Ken Ham is an excellent speaker - we're looking forward to the conference! Thanks so much for your comment!


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