The List that Never Ends: # 171-180

Thanking God today for...

171. weekends - time to rest and regroup.

172. Josh's surviving midterms.

173. a sunny day and 9 holes...

174. a fun time with Josh, family, and friends...

175. goofing off with a sweet little nephew in a golf cart...

176. a change of perspective on some things...

177. hymns and chances to sing them...

It Is Well With My Soul

178. Veterinarians who take good care of my doggie and do all the necessary (but painful) things he needs done so that I don't have to do them.

179. chances to see old friends.

180. magnanimity.

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Have a lovely week...


  1. it is always good to be thankful! thanks for sharing!

  2. Good morning, Beth! Hope your week was better than last :) Loved your list; counting really does pull us out of the muck, doesn't it? Really like your collage, too! Is it digital?

  3. Hello, I came across your blog thru a Holy Experience. We are practically neighbors. We live in Elizabethton. My daughter loves to draw and paint. I look forward to showing her your blog. We homeschool so I'm always finding ways to encourage her artistic talents.
    God Bless You!

  4. Jumped over from Ann's ...Hymns and chances to sing them. I couldn't agree with you more. This Sunday it was Blessed Assurance throughout the hallways of my church!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. What a beautiful area! A change of perspective can make all the difference at times! Veterinarians are such special people! Enjoyed your list Beth! :)

  6. Loved your comment about the Hymns, and the picture was beautiful that went with it! Some days, I just sit with the old hymnbook and read over the words. It is "Peace, like a river!" So glad I stopped by today for a blessing!!!


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