Happy Valentine's Day, and the List that Never Ends: #144-160

First, an update on the mural - this is how I left it on Friday.


As you can see, I finished up these three...


...and got started on the new kid on the block (or paneling, if you want to be literal).
I'll be working on him more today.


My original sketch had him in a wheel chair, but when I sketched that on the wall itself, I just didn't like it. It seemed too crowded and awkward, so I put him on crutches instead.



I'm hoping to finish everything up this week. I'll keep you posted....

Till then, here's a little Valentine from me to you... 


Not quite how the world defines it, is it?
May our definition of Love be God's definition of Love.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Giving thanks today for:

144. Good news for us and good news for a friend.

145. The gift of work.

146. The gift of love.

147. God's love for us...through the gift of His Son, Jesus.

148. Making new friends who are helpful and encouraging here in blogland.

149. Good Bible teachers and speakers who are committed to the authority of God's Word - particularly, this week at the Origins Conference. Also thankful for a great turnout for the events I've attended so far.... it's good to see so many people passionate about the Truth.

150. The way my "tough guy" little dog is cuddly in the morning when he first wakes up.

151. Sunshine on my face (or on my shoulders - makes me happy!).

152. Variety.

153. So many good books - this week,  Ben Hur (I am listening to the audio version from Librivox/itunes while painting).

154. Kindness and understanding from a stranger who had every reason to be upset with me.

155. Hearing Josh play the piano....

156. God's protection, the gift of quick reflexes, and the fact that no one was in the adjacent lane when a car pulled out and stopped right in front of me as I was doing the full speed limit on the highway yesterday. I came very, very close to dying - missing that car was nothing short of a miracle.

157. The fact that my dog didn't go into chocolate-heart-attack or whatever they do when they discover and ransack an entire heart-shaped box of Reese's Cups. And then the entire kitchen trash can. What a little turkey.

158. Ridgewood BBQ - 'nuff said.

159. Supportive parents and in-laws.

160. Mercy and Grace - I've received a lot of both this week (as usual).

Count your blessings with us today at:



  1. The children in the mural are looking fantastic Beth! I love your Valentine's Day gift list. There is so much love all around us. #156... so grateful you were safe. #157... glad your dog could handle all that chocolate! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  2. Glad you didn't crash and die yesterday! Some people are really unbelievable on the road and just SHOULDN'T be allowed to drive. Also happy about your good news - lots of prayers for that! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love your gratitude list, and the kids in your mural are just awesome. Happy Valentine's!

  4. I think your first ten minutes of work on this mural were a miracle by my artistic standards. What an act of love. I heart this.

    ANd my fave 146. The gift of love. (of course!!)

    God Bless - Happy Valentine's day.

  5. Hi Beth!
    Some of your favorites are mine too! I still think of Josh playing the piano here - beautiful!

    The boy who drags creation in - enjoyed his time with you, is fascinated by what you do (I heard EVERY detail and the order in which it was done!) and thinks you are a marvel! But then...we all do!

    Thankful you are still with us and can't wait to hear the good news!

    Much love!

  6. 156. God's protection, the gift of quick reflexes, and the fact that no one was in the adjacent lane when a car pulled out and stopped right in front of me as I was doing the full speed limit on the highway yesterday. I came very, very close to dying - missing that car was nothing short of a miracle.

    AMEN! Thank you God for your protection! We often have close calls here where we live. Glad you are ok!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Beth. Love the mural you are working on. Really love it. Had to laugh at the mention of "Sunshine on My Shoulders". I have been singing it around the house whenever we have a sunny day. Unfortunately, no one else appreciates John Denver :) Glad your doggy survived the chocolate!

    Have a blessed week!


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