The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

1. Still reading The Mayflower Papers. Let me tell you, be glad you were never kidnapped by mean Indians. There ain't nuthin' noble about a savage. More on this topic on Feb. 11th for my Booking It review - stay tuned.

2. I am searching for an ergonomic palette to use while mural painting. I have been using this:

I like the fact that you can use paper plates to line the mixing tray (which is nice if you do glazes, especially, since the sides hold the liquid in). I also like the brush holders on the end... However, I tend to develop tendonitis in my left wrist after a few long days of painting using this, because you have to clamp it with your thumb, and all the weight goes out in front rather than back onto your arm. I also could do without the little "wells" for the colors around the edge - I don't want the trouble of washing them out, so I just dump all my paint on the plate.

So basically, I want a paper plate holder that has some good gripping mechanism that doesn't involve keeping your wrist twisted and your thumb clamped all day.

Any ideas?

The above palette is quite nice and I do like it... but nothing you hold in the same position for 8 hours at a time is going to feel that great, I suppose.

Nota Bene: If you shop through this link, I get a little kickback, being an Amazon Associate and all. Thankee kindly.

3. Speaking of tendonitis, if you are so unfortunate as to ever develop it, you really should check out this lady's website - in particular, her "Arnica Salve" and her "Aches Away Salve." My wrist was really hurting by the end of my work day on Thursday. I rubbed some of each of those salves on as I was heading out to Bible study, and within ten mintues, my wrist was starting to feel better.... Try some - it's great stuff, and all natural! (No funky chemicals.) I highly recommend getting the Aches Away salve in the "tube" form... makes putting it on a breeze. (Do not, however, do as my husband did and mistake it for your deodorant. I don't know how many times I heard, "My armpits are on FIRE!" that day... He was referring to the icy/hot feeling the Aches Away salve gives you, which feels really nice on sore joints and muscles, but apparently not so nice on your armpits. Reading labels is always a good idea.)

Nota Bene: I am not being paid to recommend the TN Farm Girl Products above. They're just that good. Plus, she happens to be a friend o' mine... ;o)

4. "Nota Bene" is Latin for "note well." So, nota bene that fact, and then you can see how many times you can work it into a blog post. I'm sure everyone will be impressed, just as you undoubtedly are right now.

Or maybe you're saying to yourself, "Latin: first it killed the Romans, and now it's killing me."

5. On Thursday I listened to the entire audio book of Pilgrim's Progress while I was painting. I read it back in high school, but I had forgotten how GREAT it is. Go read it... or download the free podcast on itunes (search for Librivox - they have a ton of free audiobooks - love that feature.)

Here's a fun experiment - go read (or listen to) the book, then try to figure out what your name would be if your name had to sum up your entire character. Better yet, ask someone else who knows you well to figure out what your name would be (since you just might be a little....biased???) . That could be risky, though...

Would you be called...

Mr. Worldy Wiseman?

If people called us by the names that really suit us, I wonder if we would like them or not...

Anyway, it's something to think about  nota bene.

Have a lovely weekend....


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