The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

1. Well, I hated to do it, but I had to change my "comment" settings. Yep, the Turkish spammers found me. I had to remove the "anonymous" option and turn on comment moderation.... Sorry for the inconvenience. Sad times are these.... I hope you'll still comment, even if it's a little more trouble - I love hearing from you!

2. For any of you in the Tri-Cities/Greeneville/East TN area, don't forget that the Origins Conference starts TONIGHT at First Christian Church in Johnson City. It's going to be great! You can see a complete schedule of events/speakers/locations HERE.

3. Happy Lincoln's Birthday (and happy birthday to my oldest nephew)! Have you seen the newest print in my Etsy shop? It would be particularly appropriate to order today! ;o)
4.  A few days ago I was sitting at my computer reading my e-mail, and I heard my mouse trap go off in the kitchen. (We've had mice problems occasionally over the last few years, especially when it's cold out. Our apartment is a remodel job, and that left some rather unusual nooks and crannies, which, of course, the mice discovered.) I ran into the kitchen to check the trap (it's the type that's a box with a push-down lever outside, so you don't see the mouse. You can simply push down the lever to release the rodent and reset the trap without breaking your finger. Anyway, normally you can see a tail sticking out - I know, gross, right? Well, there was no tail. I peered down inside and didn't see anything under the whacker thing. So I set the trap back down to reset it, and suddenly, a MOLE ran out! A MOLE! I don't know how he managed it, but somehow he got in there, got PAST the whacky thing without setting it off, and then sprang the trap! He had been scrunched up in the back, scared to death, undoubtedly, before he ran out and returned the favor.

As you can imagine, when the mole ran out and started scrambling around my feet, I did, yes I did, scream a little and hop around. That excited Harvey, who promptly ran in to kill whatever was attacking his Mommy. And he would have killed it, too, but I held him back (while I was hopping). I have nothing against moles, generally speaking. I think he got in here by mistake - they don't see too well. He probably took a wrong turn looking for his burrow, and then - WHACK! -there he was having a near-death experience in a mouse trap.

Incidentally, I don't really like killing mice either. Reepicheep has given me rather a fondness for mice, but my fondness quickly begins to wane when I start finding little poop pellets in my cabinets. Ick. Reepicheep would never do that, but these aren't special talking Narnian mice, so I set traps. Sorry, PETA people.

Anyway, the mole quickly ran out through the crevice through whence he came (I hoped), a wiser mole. Since I was leaving for the day to go work on my mural project, I found some "live" mouse traps I had from my more tolerant days, and I stuck some caramel corn inside them and placed them strategically around my kitchen.... just in case the mole got lost on his way out.

When I came home from painting, I walked into the kitchen and found one of the traps out in the middle of the floor, doors closed. It was on the opposite side of the room from where I left it. My first thought was, "Wow, that mole must have really been thrashing around in there." But then I noticed that all three traps had been set off, and they had all been moved around the room.

I then realized that I didn't have the mole, but I did have a mole...

...a mole in "Operation Mole Hunt."

...a mole whose only thought all day was, "How does me gits karamel korn out of widdle boxes so me can eats it???"

As you can see, the mole felt very guilty about sabotaging my trap... but I didn't punish him....

How can you go all Jack Bauer on a face like this???



  1. But here's the real question - did he accomplish his mission? DID he get the caramel corn out of the traps??? Such a cute picture of him! :-)

  2. I will comment... just to show those Turks they can't ruin your blog!
    Adorable doggie!

  3. Alas, he did not get the caramel corn.... :o) Poor little guy - wore himself out.

    Thanks for the comments! We'll show those Turks. ;o)

  4. I bet he had a blast while you where at work and tuckered himself out!! What a cutie!:O) I hope the mole went home safely:O)

  5. What an adorable doggy! And smart, too, haha. Gotta love the resourcefulness of dogs when they want a treat. What kind of doggy is that?


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