The List that Never Ends: #191-200

Thanking God today...

191. ... for visits from family.

192. ... for antibiotics.

193. ... for the smell of garden soil.


194. ... for seeds - tiny little pieces of potential.

195. ... for a streamlined closet and a box of excessive clothes to donate to people who need them.

196. ... for this nose, even when it's a little dirty.


197. ... for a Sunday afternoon, some sunshine, a book, and a chair in the grass.

198. ... for a kind accountant-friend who helps me with my taxes.

199. ... for open windows.

200. ... for green/fruit smoothies.

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  1. I am looking forward to getting into the garden! Cute photo of the puppy. I have those nose prints on my list today! It should be warm enough to open the windows this week... yay! :)

  2. Thankful for antibiotics!!!Great stuff:O) And my flowers:O) Love the new banner, you do a great job:O)

  3. We must have had the same infection, Beth; I am just finishing antibiotics, too, and so thankful to be feeling better :) Love your doggies dirty nose!

  4. Wow... love that list!

    It's Spring Break around here and my two college sons are home...love visits from family.

    Love spring days when the sun shining on your face is not hot but provides warmth!

    Love a good friend who helps with taxes, too.!

  5. First, I’m a cat person – but that picture of “mutly” is magic. And because Laska the love kitty sat nearly all day by the open window (with a screen) - my favorite from your list is 199. ... for open windows.

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day Beth


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