The list that never ends: #201-210

Thanking God today...


201. ... for a beautiful full moon.

202. ... for belting out old hymns with friends at Bible study, accompanied by a guitar and a washtub bass. I kid you not.

203. ... for working up the nerve to try a black Greek olive on some toast with cheese, and discovering that I actually liked it.

204. ... that Josh will be done with this quarter after Friday and will be home from school for the next couple of weeks for some much-needed down time.

205. ... for beautiful spring flowers and trees that bloomed out of nowhere over the past few days...


206. ... for a productive weekend - look for some new jewelry in the shop later this week!

207. ... for my camera.

208. ... for a little walk down memory lane, poking around through old antiques and things with my Papaw in my grandparents' basement.

209. ... for Sunday dinners with family.

210. ... for sleep at night, and joy in the morning....


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  1. I heart black Greek olives. Yum!

  2. Hi, Beth! Love your list today. Breaks are very good; hope you enjoy every minute with your husband. The colors in your daffodil photo are amazing! The picture in my mind of your Bible study friends singing together made me laugh-thanks :)

  3. Enjoyed your list and as always makes me think of all that I am grateful for:O)Like good people in my life:O) Have an awesome week:O)

  4. We missed that gorgeous moon... too cloudy! Yay for finding something new that you like! Gorgeous spring flowers! I love walks down memory lane. So sweet!


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