Quotables: George MacDonald

"When I trouble myself over a trifle, even a trifle confessed - the loss of some little article, say - spurring my memory, and hunting the house, not from immediate need, but from dislike of loss; when a book has been borrowed of me and is not returned, and I have forgotten the borrower; and fret over the missing volume... is it not time that I lost a few things, when I care for them so unreasonably? The losing of things is the mercy of God: it comes to teach us to let them go. Or have I forgotten a thought that came to me which seemed of the truth? I keep trying and trying to call it back, feeling a poor man until that thought be recovered - to be far more lost, perhaps, in a notebook into which I shall never look again to find it! I forget that it is live things that God cares about."
- George MacDonald



  1. Wow... I love this quote!! Especially the part about writing something down in a notebook into which I'll never look again! :-)

    I need to 'lose' much more!


  2. I'm afraid I'm not as strong as MacDonald. I'd hate to lose my private journals.

  3. What simple and profound words. You have created a beautiful spot to come and soak. Delighted to meet you today. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you a bit more.



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