The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

1. I've told you about my mouse issues before. Here's this week's installment...

On Monday evening I was sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when suddenly I heard the mousetrap go off in my kitchen. I always cringe when I hear it, especially since we had the "screamer." (You don't want to know, and I don't want to tell you.) Anyway, I gingerly walked into the kitchen to investigate. I opened the cabinet, suppressed a garbled scream (since it was late and people were asleep upstairs), and quickly slammed the door.

I have grown accustomed to the tail and two back feet that are generally visible protruding from the entrance to my hands-and-site-free mousetrap box. What I am NOT accustomed to, however, is the sight of a mouse's face, wide-open-inky-black eyes, and little front feet sticking out of the doorway to the trap. EEK! And that, is precisely what I had seen.

I paced around for a few minutes, hoping that either the mouse would magically disappear or turn himself around backwards in spite of being dead, that Josh would randomly come home from school in the middle of the week to rescue a lady-and-mouse-in-distress, or that the Rapture would happen at that moment and save me from having to deal with it. When none of those things were apparently going to happen just then, I knew I had to deal with it myself. I opened the door again.

The mouse didn't quite look...dead. But I was pretty sure he was, since he hadn't moved in the slightest since the first time I opened the door. But there was something in his eyes like.... awareness.... Fear.... Condemnation. It was creepy.

I slowly reached out and nudged the box, and dog-gone-it! The thing TWITCHED! EEK!

This led to a whole new round of door-slamming, pacing, and praying for the Rapture. I went and got a bucket. I don't know why.

Then I walked back to the door, opened it up, and picked up the trap and its inhabitant, trying not to make eye contact. I grabbed a flashlight on my way out the door, walked over to the woods, held my hand out as far away from my body and pant legs as humanly possible, released the lever, and dropped the mouse out onto the ground, fully expecting to see the lower half of his body severed or severely maimed or something equally horrifying.

He scampered a few inches, then froze, and sat there completely still, looking me right in the eyes. No blood, no guts, nothing. I bent down to examine him, and other than being slightly in shock (or just dramatically pausing to give me the stink eye and make me feel horribly guilty, which he did), he seemed fine. The only explanation I can offer for this unexpected outcome was that his body was so tiny (like, the same size as his head, if not slightly smaller), that I believe the trap just caught him by the tail, and he was simply stuck. I was really happy about that, because I certainly didn't want to have to clobber him with a log or something in order to put him out of his wretched half-severed-in-two misery.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the presence of mind to photograph any events from the above incident. However, I found a picture online that is almost identical to the mouse I caught. How do you walk when your head is bigger than your body???

Image Source

I am seriously considering going back to live traps. I don't think I can handle the rodent-stink-eye again.

2. Does anyone out there know how to get "Delicious" bookmarks to show up as daily posts in Blogger? I've got a widget with my links in my sidebar, but I'd really like to get an automated daily post of the links for the day going on my main page. If you know how to do this, please let me know! Thanks! (In the meantime, be sure to check out the links in my sidebar. I have linked to a lot of really great articles from other blogs and websites, and I think you'll find them helpful and/or entertaining.) If you're on Delicious and want to follow me directly, you can see my page HERE.

3. After a few days of going shampoo-less, I threw in the towel. After the first washing, my hair felt great. After the second washing, not so great.... I cheated on the third washing (since I was going to church and didn't want to have oily hair), but then I went back to the baking soda/vinegar routine for the next couple of days. I decided that I didn't want to have to go through the "transition" period in which your hair/natural oils adjust to the new regime.

Theoretically, it sounds like a great idea. I did like the fact that it's very inexpensive, easy to make, and doesn't require any ingredients you wouldn't already have. However, from my experience, here's the catch:

Because you're going from one extreme to the other (baking soda/alkaline to vinegar/acidic), it's important to get the ratio right. (WHAT??? RATIOS??? You mean people really USE those things in real life???) I'm no chemist, but I did discover that using more baking soda than vinegar made my hair feel drier. Using more vinegar made it feel oilier. Since both mixtures are diluted significantly in water, it's hard to tell how much of either you are using in the shower, especially since it doesn't give you the sudsy lather that traditional shampoos do. So for me, it was Russian Roulette on whether or not I would like the way my hair felt the next day. And since life is crazy enough right now, I decided this wasn't the time to experiment with strange hair routines.

Incidentally, it wasn't the time to impulsively cut my own hair either....but too late for that. Alas for what might have been...

Anyway. If you decided to go shampoo-less, I'd love to know what you're using and how you like it. I may try it again someday... but for now, I'm going with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," motto.

4. The situation in Japan has been heavy on my mind. It's hard to even grasp the scale of what's going on over there. On top of the loss of life, the chaos, and the sheer physical destruction of entire towns (not to mention their economy), the nuclear threat is particularly frightening. I am glad to know that I serve a God who is in control of even the most chaotic situations and who can work for good through the most tragic circumstances. My heart and prayers are with Japan. You can help support the relief efforts by praying and by making a donation HERE.

Koi Pond

I hope you have a lovely weekend... remembering what's important in life, and what's not....


  1. Oh the mouse story! We've got mouse issues as well, I can totally relate..but I NEVER deal with the trap. Thank God for men!

    I'm doing the baking soda/vinegar thing...I love it, but was very committed and just had to deal with the transition thing, which did only take a week or so. I have very long hair, so it is easy to just throw it up in a bun and that's how I deal with the greasy days.

  2. You cut your hair??? Pictures please. :-) The mouse story was classic. :-)


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