The List that Never Ends: #261-270

Still thanking God....

261. ...for the smell of honeysuckle and the little drop of sweetness.

262. ...for an up-close-and-personal-bee-keeping lesson with my brother, Zack. (More in-depth post on this experience coming soon.)
263. ...for honey bees - what amazing little creatures!

264. ...for the smell of newly-cut grass.

265. ...for warm, sunny days and riding with the windows down.
266. ...for garlic.
267. ...for a fun date night on Friday with Josh.
268. ...for good stories (we went and saw the new Jane Eyre movie Friday night).
269. ...for a kind friend who helps us out with all of our car and computer problems.
270. ...for a day of rest and worship with family and friends.

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Have a lovely week...


  1. Yay for bees, sister! I love honeysuckle, too. Our yard is full of it. I can't wait to see your photo update, and thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Love the list - the bees and the daisies just say "summer is around the corner"!


  3. Ohh... I can't wait to hear more about the honey bees! What a great photo of them! Date night sounds like so much fun. Love a day of rest and worship with family. Priceless. ♥

  4. My honeysuckle is in full bloom, too. Isn't it just heavenly???? And bees! I remember as a kid seeing the Moody Science film about bees. I never, ever forgot it. Can't wait to read what you write about them!


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