The List that Never Ends: # 271-280

Today I'm continuing with my list,
a list of gifts,
from the Giver of all good gifts...

Today I thank God...

271. ... for the birth of my new niece, Emma Joy.

272. ... for a safe delivery for my sister-in-law and the baby. The baby will require a surgery in a few months to open up one of the sutures in her skull that fused prematurely. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

273. ... for fresh radishes from my garden.

274. ... for animals dressed in clothes.

275. ... for a kind friend at church who organized a baby shower for my bro-in-law/sis-in-law.

276. ... for a bunch of spring birthdays to celebrate with different family members.

277. ... for the old man I saw at a gas station walking around in a captain's hat just like the one my brother wore every day for about two years when he was a kid, and for the smile and memories the sight brought.

278. ... for snow peas and hummus.

279. ... for a clean house.

280. ... for getting to see some positive results from a discipline.

I hope that today,
wherever you are,
and whatever you're doing,
you're taking a moment
to stop and acknowledge
all of the gifts
that you have been given too.


  1. loving the puppy clothes, hummus and snow peas and results from discipline! thank you for sharing your list.

  2. Emma Joy is so sweet. Praying for that precious baby! I love radishes from the garden. Yay for spring birthdays! Love having a clean house. Makes me feel so much better. Beautiful list Beth! :)

  3. What sweet blessings. What a precious baby too! Love your list!

  4. Congratulations on the blessing of a new family member. Thanks for sharing.


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