The List that Never Ends: #281-290

Today I'm thanking God...

281. ...for a beautiful place to walk that starts with this...

....and ends with this...

282. ... for a furry walking buddy (who also gives me an extra nudge to get out there when I'm a bit lacking in the motivation department).

283. ... this one's gonna sound strange, but I always breathe a little prayer of thanks when I'm out shopping and I make it out the door without setting the alarm off because the little chip thingy didn't get deactivated when checking out. A strange item for my list, I know, but it's the little things...

284. ... for beautiful music.

285. ... for getting to have some real dessert tonight! Whoop!
(I've been on a hard-core diet and haven't been eating any sugar for the last month in case you were wondering.)

286. ... for the first tomato of the year that actually tasted like a tomato. Hello, summertime!

287. ... for a lot of little pain-in-the-neck tasks checked OFF of my to-do list! 

288. ... for feeling GOOD! (See # 285 part 2) 

289. ... for Zevia, my new favorite soft drink - all natural, sweetened with stevia, lots of good flavors...
(although I do miss Cherry Herbal Dr. Enuf, but I definitely don't need the sugar).

Zevia Natural Diet Soda, Cola, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

290. ... for people who don't give up on things,
and a God who doesn't give up on me...

Are you giving thanks today?
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  1. #283 might be odd, but I totally understand that feeling. I almost hold my breathe when I go out the door - the odd part comes in when you consider that it's not like I'm a klepto with a reason to worry about getting caught. But I hate the questioning looks and how everyone turns and stares (just like I do when it's someone else). Nice to know I'm not the only person who thinks about these things. ;-)

  2. Cool shots! "For God who doesn't give up on me..." So thankful!

  3. Oh my goodness... what a gorgeous place to walk and enjoy! Your walking buddy is so sweet. I see your buddy is walking ahead... that is how it works around here too! lol I totally get #283! We do a lot of the 'self-checkouts' and we have on occasion not deactivated something. So embarrassing! People look at you like you committed a huge crime! No sugar for a month... that is hard-core! I have never seen or heard of Zevia before. Must not be around these parts. :)

  4. So glad you're feeling better, Beth! I gave up sugar for a couple of weeks and was amazed at how different I felt. You would think that good feeling would be enough to help me get back on track (sigh). Love the photos from you walk!

  5. I love reading your posts, and I'm thankful for YOU!

    Honestly though, I can't imagine you needing to go on any kind of diet--especially a serious one :-) With your acquaintance with Stevia, did you perhaps do the HcG one? I am a living success story for that diet...and still going strong--gracias a Dios!

    Love you and pray for continued health and good news ahead for Josh and you. Love, Linda


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