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If you're anything like me, you probably follow a lot of blogs. I've found Google Reader to be a convenient way to keep up with updates from all of my favorites; however, one drawback to using a reader is that you miss out on the unique "atmosphere" of each particular blog - the themes, the banners, the neat stuff parked over in the sidebar, the extra pages, etc.

So, I'd like to personally invite you reader folks to take a moment to click over and visit "in person." I've got a new "summer" header up and some other great things. A few items I'd like to point out are....
  • My Delicious Links (scroll down until you see the "Worth Reading" headline in the sidebar) - whenever I find a good article, website, or resource online, I tag them in my Delicious account. The links post automatically to this little section of my sidebar. Be sure to check in regularly for some great posts!
  • "Beth Stone Likes: A Little Collection of Favorite Things" - this button (look under the "Links" heading in the sidebar) will take you to my "Pinterest" board. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, it's this cool website that allows you to create virtual "bulletin boards" online that you can share with friends/followers. You can collect pictures from your favorite blogs, stores, websites, or photo galleries and keep them all in one place, along with comments/notes on each one. You can also link up with your friends and see the images they've collected too. It's super cool - stop by and set up your own account (and feel free to "follow" me there too - I usually follow back!).
  • "Sites I Love" - you'll find this page near the top of the sidebar - look for the button with the little red heart. This will take you to a page with links to some of my favorite blogs, ministries, resources, and sources of inspiration. 
And finally, if you have ever tried to access my blog on your mobile, you may have noticed that it took a long time to load or looked rather wonky when it finally did. I've changed some settings so that my blog is now mobile-device friendly. So, the next time you're on the go, check it out! :o) Photobucket
I hope you're having a lovely week....

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