The List that Never Ends: #321 - 330

Thanking God today...

321. ... for finding our lost doggy.


322. ... for a husband who crawled through a poison-ivy-infested briar patch to disentangle said lost doggy.

323. ... for food, fun, and fireworks with friends on the fourth.


324. ... for a good deal on a car window to replace the one broken out during a storm.

325. ... for Pinterest - I'm addicted.

326. ... for air conditioning...

327. ... for getting those pesky business & sales tax returns out of the way, and for my accountant-friend who always helps me with my not-so-fun paperwork.

328. ... for Sunday afternoon naps.


329. ... for amazing little surprises in unexpected places...


330. ... for His creativity.

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  1. I always love your photos Beth! Such a great and pretty list. I am SO glad you found your doggy!! Yay for husbands that do those sorts of things for us! ♥ We have been so grateful for air conditioning these past few days. I also enjoyed a nice Sunday nap! :)


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