The List that Never Ends: #361-370

First of all, my apologies for being MIA last week. When Shakespeare said, "When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions!" he wasn't kidding. Last week was like that.... It began with a trip to the ER with my Mom on Monday (which is why I had no list last week), and it went downhill from there. I can't go into all the details here, but I'll just say that several people in my family are going through an extremely difficult time right now, and I would appreciate your prayers.

Nevertheless, God is still good, and there are still blessings to be counted, even in the hard times. So here we go....

Today, I am thanking God....

361. ... that my Mom didn't have any serious injuries from her fall, and that bruises heal on their own.

362. ... for good, lifelong friends you can call or write at any time (even if you haven't seen them in years) who you know will be there for you with prayer and encouragement.

363. ... for a sweet little note Josh left on the mirror for me one day last week, when I was pretty down in the dumps about everything going on.

364. ... for the story of the Prodigal Son, and knowing that there's hope, even for people who have to learn the hard way....

365. ... including me, sometimes.

366. ... for a share time in our service that seemed "tailor made" just for me yesterday - exactly what I needed to hear, and only God knew that. Neat.

367. ... that the only thing wrong with my car last week was that it needed a new battery (between our two cars, they have been in the shop probably 4 times in the last two months).

368. ... for a husband who dealt with my dead battery for me.

369. ... for Dairy Queen mint Oreo blizzards.

370. ... for 7 years with my furry little ball of sunshine. Happy birthday, Harvey. :o)

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  1. 1) Did you cut your hair? It looks all stylish and hip in the mirror pic! :-) Nice!

    2) Amen to all of it - the trusting God, the prayers of friends, the care of parents, the perfect encouragement from church or quiet times exactly when you need it most. God is good.

    3) Happy Birthday Harvey!

    4) Mint Oreo Blizzard? Yum.

  2. Praying for you and praying that your weeks ahead will be filled with joy!

  3. Carrie - I haven't cut it recently. I had cut it a while back (shorter than I wanted), and it's just now grown out to a length that I really like. But thanks. :o)

    Oh yeah, mint oreo blizzards are the best.

    Thank you both, Carrie and Cheri, for the prayers...

  4. Awesome list! I am visiting from Ann's today. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

  5. I just love puppy birthdays, sweet notes left unexpectedly and mint oreo blizzards.Sometimes learning the hard way lends itself to the most awesome transformations. Thanks for sharing your list!

  6. I feel ya on #362!! ;o) I love this whole list. Planning to join in on this "list that never ends" later this week. So good to be following your blog (& Carrie's) more closely now that I've joined the blogging world!

  7. Well, Kaysi, you're definitely one of them... :o) Glad you'll be joining in with your own list - it's definitely been a good discipline for me... Looking forward to seeing yours too!

  8. Sorry to hear about the difficult times with your family... prayers said! Glad to hear your mom is alright. That message on the mirror is so, so sweet. Yay for great husbands! Happy Birthday Harvey!

  9. wow...i had so many times last week felt i should just write a short note to you......pray that this week will be a week of peace...thanks for sharing ...


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