Quotables: My Niece Laurel

Lines hollered down from the bedroom where she was SUPPOSED to be going to sleep:

"I can't go to sleep! Ivy's crying! Ivy's crying! Ivy's crying, and Kaedon's.... Kaedon's.... Kaedon's not doing anything.... and I'm not being quiet!"

"I need a bandaid! I need a BANDAID! I've hurt myself very, VERY badly, and it's VERY, VERY bleeding! I need a BANDAID! And Kaedon needs a bandaid!"

- Laurel, age 2


  1. I love a child's logic!! How sweet!

  2. Kid quotes are the best! She's adorable. I hope they were able to rescue her from that very VERY bleeding!

  3. my kids still leave me speechless..and lol many times..thanks for the laugh today from this sweety pie...

  4. Oh my gosh... too cute! "I'm not being quiet!" Love it! lol


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