The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

It's been a while since I've done one of these. The idea is to round up all of the random items that I've wanted to blog about during the week that don't necessarily "fit in" with the overall theme of this blog. So, I gather them up, lump them all into a numbered post, and slap a title on that makes it sound sort of like an eclectic art gallery, and BOOM! - there you go.

What do you think - do you enjoy this type of thing? Let me know... we aim to please, or at the very least, to avoid being annoying... ;o)

So without further ado, here is the gallery for the weekend....

Exhibit A


Hello, my name is Beth, and I am a Pinterest addict.
Photo Source: Where else? Pinterest!
But seriously, have you signed up yet? It's a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" photos with links to the source. You can also have "friends" whose boards you can follow, so there's a never-ending stream of beautiful photos and great ideas, collected right there in one spot. It's amazing. If you'd like to see my boards or follow them, here is the link...

Exhibit B

 The Shred

Well, after setting up my art tent twice last week, I realized that I am seriously lacking in the upper-body strength department. I walk a lot, but I haven't really been doing any kind of strength training. I'm not exactly the type of person to get into body building... No, I'm more in the category of people who might be tempted to guess that a "trapezius" is a circus trick and a "deltoid" is an airline.... Nevertheless, I would like to be able to lift heavy objects above my head without worrying about dropping them and knocking myself out.... that sort of thing. I also know that it's important for my health, bone density, etc. to be doing something involving weights regularly....So, something had to be done.

Therefore, I'm about four days into Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Let me just tell you, not all workout videos are created equal. I have a few others that are like a walk in the park compared to this one - a rather ungraceful walk in the park, in my case.... I will never have the coordination for the "grapevine" move...which is one reason why I like this video - Jillian sticks to "normal" exercises like jumping jacks and crunches, and you don't have to have a history in jazz dance lessons to be able to follow along with it.

However, you might die.

Yeah, she's tough. I'm pretty sure she missed her calling as a drill sergeant or a prison camp guard or something...

But no pain, no gain, right? I do like the fact that it's only 20 minutes long, yet by the end, you feel like you've been working out at the gym for two hours... It combines strength training, cardio, and abs so that you get a full-body workout in a short amount of time. And by the end of it, your body is going to feel like jello. Mine has been, at least.... But it gets easier as you go along (supposedly). We'll see... if I end up with washboard abs, some upper body strength, and better endurance, I guess it will be worth it... :o) Anyway, I got a pretty good deal on it through Amazon - I've included a link in case you're interested (and yes, I'm an associate, so I earn like a bazillioneth of a cent if 5,000 of you order it - whoopee!). The only other things you need are hand weights and a mat if you're on a hard floor.

Exhibit C

Also in the fitness department, this handy app for the iphone or other mobile devices lets you keep track of your walks, runs, bike rides, etc. using GPS. It will tell you the distance/route you've gone, your average speed, etc. For instance, my daily walk with Harvey is exactly 1.32 miles (give or take a few points - depends on whether or not we have to chase a bunny or something). There are a lot of other neat features - you can manually log workouts at the gym, you can keep track of a training program, you can even link up with your friends and follow their workouts, if you're into that sort of thing (which I'm not). I haven't looked at all of the features, so there are probably more. I just like knowing how far I'm walking.... and it will run in the background, so you can still use your ipod at the same time. Cool stuff. I can use all the motivation I can get...

Exhibit D

The Revenge of the Protein Powder

A question for you: have any of you ever developed stomach pain from drinking protein powders? I've had to revise my favorite smoothie combo, because I think the egg protein powder I was using was making me sick. I can eat regular eggs with no problem, but after drinking the powder, I would get horrible stomach cramps that would last for about 8 hours. Not fun. (My husband's solution - "Don't drink it." Yep, he's a smart one, that Josh.) Just curious to see if any of you had experienced the same thing or if you had any ideas as to why....

Exhibit E

Clean House = Clear Mind

My house is clean! I mean like, everything-is-dusted-including-the-fan-blades-and-I-even-magic-erased-the-scuff-marks-off-the-walls clean! What a nice feeling.... This is the cleanest my little studio has been in months - the two shows I did recently had created their fair share of carnage in that area.... Ahhh... it's nice to feel caught-up - and I'm ready to get back to work on my next hymn collage!

Exhibit F

The Year of the Praying Mantis

Not in the Chinese sense (do they even have a "Year of the Praying Mantis"?), but at my house!  I see at least one almost every day.... that's never happened before. This little fella and one of his friends hung out on my window all day on Wednesday...

Have you had them at your house this year?

So, that's all I've got for now!
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Thanks for reading...


  1. 1) Isn't that the truth about 1/5000 of a cent from Amazon - I snorted.

    2) I've heard the Shred is a killer. I want to do something to build some leg muscles in my thighs, but I'm too busy eating donut holes to actually move. {ah hem}

    3) Is it just me, or are more people running/walking/active these days? I feel like I see more people running around these days and more friends on blogs and FB talking about "Map My Run" or some other activity. Not a bad thing at all, just wondering. :-)

    4) You know me, I love when people do this sort of post. :-)

    Have a good week-end! I'm off to work in a few.

  2. Ahhh, you're doing the Shred!! I did it last year in April. Actually dropped a pants size! I thought about giving it another go-around this summer... Popped in the dvd, felt like I was gonna die about 5 minutes in, sat down and watched for a few minutes, moved on to some other task, decided walking is good enough for me right now, and asked myself incredulously, "Did I SERIOUSLY do this for 30 days last year?!?" Holy cow!! I did want to commit to a month of SOME sort of working out, though, so I have been using a Ten-Minute Solutions Pilates DVD. LOVE. IT. There are five segments (upper body, lower body, abs, total body, and flexibility) and you can choose to do just one, all five, or any combination of the segments. I did at least two segments faithfully all but two days in July and I can tell a huge difference. Moves I couldn't do at the beginning of the month I can now do; my arms are visibly much more toned; and my hips have not given me any problems on recent hikes (something that has been in issue in the past). Okay, enough about that. =)

    I, too, love "random list" postings like this! And now that I've discovered Google Reader I hope to keep up with all the blogs I follow MUCH more regularly! YAY!

  3. I love posts like this! Oh yes... I am so enjoying pinterest! Have you tried whey protein powder? That is what we use and we have not had tummy trouble. I totally agree that a clean house equals a clear mind! We haven't seen too many praying mantis around here... maybe only once. They are neat! :)

  4. Carrie - I think you're right - it seems like I'm about the only person I know these days who isn't training for a marathon or something. Give me the Shred anyday over running - I'd rather be shot. ;o)

    Kaysi - yes, I'm hoping I make it through 30 days! I'm taking the weekends off, so I'm not doing 30 days straight (mainly since I could barely unbend my arms today, they were so sore!).... and yes, Google Reader is great - that's how I keep up with all my favorites too - much easier than checking each blog individually..

    Jennifer - I think I did use whey protein once before - I may go back to it. I switched to egg when I did my month of no-sugar/dairy/high-carb-laden foods, but could go back to the whey now. I don't remember having any problems with it... and yes! Yay for Pinterest! :o)

  5. i love posts like this, it is like wrapping up the week with the good.. the better and the best...and a clean tidy studio...is the cherry on the top... cant wait to see your new collage..


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