That's the sound I made when I realized that Fine Art in the Park, the final show I'm participating in for the year, is in a mere two weeks. Believe me, my house is about to turn into a crazy circus of printing, matting, packaging, jewelry-making, and collage finishing. The to-do lists will be flying, and I may be a little MIA on the ol' blog for the next couple of weeks.... Where did September and the first part of October go??? Aeeeooowck!

So, to make up for my lack of effort here, I will share a few little things with you today to tide you over....

A cabled fisherman's cap I'm making for my brother's birthday.
(Shhh - don't tell! I'm pretty sure he doesn't read blogs, so I hope I'm not taking too much of a risk here...)
 Can I just tell you how much I love bamboo dpns? SO much more hand-friendly than metal...

My current work-in-progress.... the next in my hymn series of collages...
Just a little snippet of it - you'll have to wait to see what the hymn is, and what's going on in the image....
Any wild guesses?

I'm hoping to finish it early next week so that I'll have prints and maybe even necklaces ready for the show...

And, my new baby....
this bicycle was a birthday gift from my parents.
I took it out for its maiden voyage yesterday, and boy howdy, what a ride.
10.36 miles (thanks, Map My Run).
21 gears, and they all got a workout (along with me), thanks to the rolling hills of East TN.

In case you're curious about what it is, this is a Schwinn Voyager 21 speed, and they added on the fenders, luggage rack, and basket as extras... I'm quite smitten. I had wanted a "vintage-looking" bicycle with the convenience of modern gears and such, so this was perfect.

Yay for a perfect fall day to ride....
Hope you have a lovely weekend....

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  1. Oh wow, that hat! Way beyond my knitting skills, Beth-lol! Loved the little peek at your new painting; can't wait to see what it is. And your new bike, how awesome is that?! Love the retro-look with the bonus of all the gears. I especially like the basket :) Hope your shows are great!

  2. What a lovely morning it is to have found your
    very special blog!
    Your work is truly beautiful!
    Love, love, love the bike..and yes I admit I am feeling rather smitten myself..
    Happy, Happy riding!

  3. That cable knit looks gorgeous, I think I need to try that one. I love to knit and wish there was more time.
    Good luck with your show - I'm sure you will have everything ready by then.

  4. Oh yes, a vintage bike with all the mod function...I didn't know such a thing was out there! Can't wait to see the new hymn...and I cannot guess what it is from the peek! Hope your final event is very successful for you...

  5. I love bamboo, too! :) And I agree with Jennifer - those knitting skills! Beautiful!

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments! Jennifer, cabling is a lot easier than it looks. (If I can do it, ANYONE can do it! ;o)) Thank you all for stopping by!

  7. I should really get a bike and start riding. It sounds wonderful. I haven't been on one in years.

  8. Beautiful knitting...that's one thing I haven't gotten into as yet...another thing I don't need to spend money on...lol The bike is so cool...I've often thought of getting off my duff and trying a bike. I rode one when we lived in Italy and once the bum got used to the seat I was fine...but then again that was 25 years ago ;}

  9. All the best for your show! How exciting is that! Gets all your gears turning I bet! Hope you have time to use your bike in the flurry of preparations! Patsy from

  10. love your bike!!it is sweet...can't wait to see your new collage..wishing you well with all your preparations for the show..

  11. Love the new piece you're working on, such great colour palette and love the layout, what I see of it :-)

  12. "My house is about to turn into a crazy circus"... been there! lol I hope you have a wonderful show! Love the current wip, love the colors. And that bike!?! Too cool!

  13. A VERY cute bicycle! And such wonderful weather to be riding in. Enjoy every moment!

  14. You are one busy gal! Great success for your show. How fun.


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