The List that Never Ends: #421-430

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How's that for perspective?
We ALWAYS have something for which to be thankful....

Today, I am thanking God...

# 421. ... for another year of life, and for a great day of celebrating that with Josh and family.

# 422. ... for the endless variety of plants that God created, and the creative things you can do with them...

# 423. ... for Ridgewood BBQ and Mona Lisa Gelato with friends...

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# 424. ... for Pumpkin Spice lattes.

# 425. ... for snappy fall weather - blue skies, white puffy clouds, a little nip in the air, etc.

# 426. ... for cozy sweaters.

# 427. ... for two nice weeks of vacation for Josh... and that the end of the first leg of PA school is in sight!

# 428. ... for being on the same page as my husband on just about everything... wow, what a difference that makes.

# 429. ... for hot tea. I'm addicted.

# 430. ... that He is Holy....

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And in other news....

Today I'm participating in a giveaway over at my friend Joy's new blog, Grace Full Mama. She will be giving away one of my handmade necklaces (your choice!), along with a couple of other great prizes!

So be sure to stop by and check out Joy's new blog (which looks like it will be excellent!), and enter the giveaway while you're at it! There are several ways to enter....


  1. oh what a fun list.
    that miniature garden is adorable.

  2. lovely photos, and the first image is excellent..in putting things into perspective...enjoy your lovely Autumn season...

  3. I love the way you see... love your art. The way you love Him.

    Just. beautiful.

    Thanking Him for you...

    All's grace,

  4. Thank you all so much for the kind comments... I'm honored you stopped by! :o) God bless!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Beth! Loved your list today. Pumpkin Spice Latte's should have been on mine, too. They make me happy :)

  6. That first image... my goodness. That is really something to read and take in. Happy Birthday! Love those fun candles. Those flowers are ah-mazing. Being on the same page. Now that is a wonderful gift! :)


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