The List that Never Ends: #451-460

Happy Reformation Day!

I don't do Halloween at all, so I always like to take this day to remember the movement started by Martin Luther when he nailed his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door on this day in 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany, and thus launched the beginning of the Protestant Reformation - a much more appropriate thing for Christians to celebrate than ghosts and goblins, in my humble opinion...You can read more about it HERE.


Thank you for all of the kind words and wishes for my art show last weekend. It went very well, and I have a lot for which to be thankful....

And so, without further ado, my list for the week....

Today, I am thanking God....

451. ... for Martin Luther and other Christians who stood up for truth, even at the risk of personal injury or death, and who helped make God's Word accessible for the common people.

452. ... for a beautiful weekend for the art show, and for lots of friends and family members who stopped by and said hello!

453. ... for lots of sales lately - thank you all!

454. ... for a few extra days out of school for Josh this past week - a nice surprise!

455. ... for my friend Keri, the super accountant lady, who always helps me out with my tax questions... (my least favorite part of running my own business!)

456. ... for a reunion with some childhood friends...

457. ... for down time this past week, and the opportunity to get a lot of pesky jobs out of the way.

458. ... for a sweet little surprise package that arrived from my friend in South Africa, Jenni C.

459. ... for encouragement and prayers from church family.

460. ... that I am not the Holy Spirit, and that He does just fine doing His job without my interference...

I hope you have a lovely week.....

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  1. So many wonderful gifts! Yay for sales! How great to have a friend that can help with tax questions! I love that silhouette photo with a purple/blue sky... amazing shot Beth! Love the sweet surprise package. How neat is that!?!

  2. A resounding AMEN to #460!! Something God has been impressing on me recently... If only I'd owned such truth sooner!

  3. Thank you, Jennifer!

    You and me both, Kaysi.... :o)


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