The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

Howdy, Friends,

So apparently nothing inspires me to start doing random, excessive blog posts more than having a show coming up in exactly one week and having a million other things I should be doing instead of blogging about lots of bits of nothing, which is basically what you will find in today's offering. Such is life...

And thus, without further ado, I present today's Gallery of Miscellany for your perusal....

Exhibit A. On Sunday I was driving to a small town about 45 minutes away from where I live to eat lunch with my family at my Mamaw's house, which is our family tradition. On the way, I noticed a policeman with his lights flashing heading toward me on the opposite side of the road, and shortly thereafter, I realized that he was leading a funeral procession. And, being a good Southerner, I dutifully pulled over to the side of the road to wait in respectful silence while they all passed. (Does everyone do that, or is it just a small town thing?) At any rate, I was sitting there, somberly watching the cars pass, and feeling bad for their loss, when suddenly, a car IN THE PROCESSION passed by me sporting this little number.....

{photo source}

Yes, that is indeed a mustache.....
....on a CAR.....
"Wha? "

I realize that mustaches are apparently all the rage in graphic design, photo booths, and drinking straws, but do we really need them on our cars now too? This is definitely one of the strangest trends that I can remember seeing... But apparently at least one person has bought this item.... Odd. You'd think they would have taken it off for the funeral, at least.... seriously.

Exhibit B. I'm in love with my new bicycle. Having working gears makes such a HUGE difference on the enjoyment factor of riding a bike, especially when there are hills involved (which, of course there ARE here in east TN). I've named it Louis. No particular reason.

Exhibit C. Everybody looks dorky in a bicycle helmet. Which is really unfortunate, because the bicycle is so cute, and then there's this dorky helmet person on it. Oh well. Better dorky than dead, I suppose.

Exhibit D. As I mentioned above, I will be participating in an art show next weekend. If you are local and interested in coming by, please shoot me an e-mail and I will give you more info. I don't like to announce things like this to the world in general - too many crazies out there.... (If you are a crazy, please don't e-mail me. Thanks.) On a related note, my Etsy shop will be on vacation mode while I'm at the show, but don't fret - I will have it back up the following week. It's the perfect time to start Christmas shopping... <eh hem>

That's all I've got....

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Well now isn't that special!! (The carstache, that is.) Hahaha... I think completely random blog posts like this one are my absolute favorites to read AND write! =) My favorite item was about the bicycle helmet, haha!! Love it!! I like getting a random glimpse into your life. =) Have a great weekend!


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