The List that Never Ends: # 461-470

I love Thanksgiving. Over the past few years, it has replaced Christmas as my favorite holiday. Not that I don't enjoy Christmas...but there's just something special about Thanksgiving... You get all of the perks of a big family holiday - the nostalgia of togetherness, time with family, delicious food, cozy fires, etc. - without the stress of shopping for a bunch of gifts that nobody really needs. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you already have instead of wishing for a bunch of things you don't have. It's nice.

However, we shouldn't be limiting our gratitude to one month or day a year.... it should be something we're doing on a daily basis - always taking note of the blessings in our life, and acknowledging that they come from God.

Which is why I continue this list....

Today, I am thanking God....

# 461. ... for pumpkins... those happiest of squashes.

# 462. ... for Sunday afternoon naps - I got one yesterday. :o)

# 463. ... for fall colors - the trees' last hurrah.

# 464. ... for my dog in a sweater.

# 465. ... for lip balm.

# 466. ... for potluck dinners with friends - one of my new favorite traditions.

# 467. ... for some positive things happening in what seemed to be a pretty unpromising situation.

# 468. ... for beauty in unexpected places.

# 469. ... for Josh's malapropisms that always keep me laughing.

# 470. ... that God is just.... AND merciful.

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  1. i wish we celebrated thanksgiving here, your Fall photos are beautiful,just love the tree..glad you are well missed you on the blog world...

  2. God is just & merciful....
    totally agree & the fact HE knows Just what we need! Counting with you.

  3. I really love Thanksgiving too! Such gorgeous photos... as always! Your dog in a sweater is too cute. Don't think our dog would wear one. lol I love #467!

  4. Hooray for pumpkins and Sunday afternoon naps! I didn't get one this Sunday, but I love it when I do! :-)

  5. Oh, that fall tree photo is GORGEOUS!!! And you look so stylish in the photo with Josh! =) Potluck dinners with friends sounds like a wonderful tradition ~ one I'd love to start myself! Maybe I'll look into that. =) Love #467, feel like I've been experiencing some of that myself. Praying the unpromising situation continues to look more promising!! Miss you, friend!!

  6. Jenni - thank you! It's nice to be back.... spent the last week or two getting caught up on things around the house. :o)

    Karen - Amen!

    Jennifer - thank you! Harvey doesn't mind sweaters, but if I put any kind of "hat" on him, he freaks out. :o)

    Carrie - yes, me too.... It was my first nap in a loooong time, and it was SO nice!

    Kaysi - thank you too. :o) Yes, we're enjoying the potluck tradition - it's been a lot of fun. And I hope things continue to look up in your situation too - thanks for the prayers... :O) Miss you too!

  7. The fall tree... is an awesome shot!


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