The List that Never Ends: # 471-480

Thanksgiving is just around the corner... I've noticed that a lot of folks are doing a countdown each day of things for which they are thankful on Facebook. While that's a great thing to be doing, I hope they're not limiting their gratitude to this one season. Thankfulness is something we are supposed to be expressing to God on a daily basis....not just once a year around the holiday that is becoming more about pigging out, watching football, and scoping out the sales for the biggest coveting day shopping day of the year than it is about true gratitude.

One way you can avoid falling into that trap is to begin counting your blessings on a regular basis. Not only will it change your attitude when it gets selfish and stinky, but it will also make you much more aware of just how much you are truly blessed, which, in turn, will make you even more thankful, and so the cycle continues. It's good for the soul.

Thus, I continue to count.....

Today I am thanking God....

# 471. ... for a great fellowship dinner and Bible study with our small group last night.

Oops - shaky hand!

 # 472. ... for salad with arugula, avocados, kale, spring mix, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, craisins, and the signature "Stone" dressing - olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and fresh ground pepper. Yum..... (this is a staple at just about every meal at our house).
# 473. ... for a beautiful day on Saturday that included a bike ride, golf, dinner, and just hanging out and having fun with Josh. It was a good day....

# 474. ... for my Mom, who is celebrating a birthday this week (happy early birthday, Mom!).

# 475. ... for living in a place that experiences all four seasons... and the fact that fall-ish weather (my favorite) is lasting a long time this year.

# 476. ... for space heaters on chilly days.

# 477. ... for Maribel and Tamrat, the two children we sponsor through Compassion International, and the opportunity to be a blessing to them. (Watch the video below to learn more about child sponsorship.)

# 478. ... for another opportunity this coming week to help others through the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child shoebox ministry. (Watch the video below to learn more about getting involved in this ministry.)

# 479. ... for hot tea and apple cinnamon oatmeal on chilly mornings.

# 480. ... for the inspiration and encouragement I've gotten recently through a few special blogs.

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  1. I totally agree... counting our blessings on a regular basis really is good for the soul. Your 'you and Josh' day sounds wonderful. Happy early Birthday to your sweet mom! I love living where we have 4 seasons too. We are thinking about sponsoring a child through Compassion as well! :)

  2. your photograph of the tree is beautiful, and your list always reminds me...to count my blessings..and Happy Birthday to your mom..!!

  3. Yes! I've been thinking recently how counting my gifts is already changing me. Maybe I need to add that to my list for next week. And I might have to steal your salad recipe for our small group this weekend. :)

  4. We enjoy helping with OCC each year, too. A friend's adopted son had received a box in the Ukraine and it was a blessing to hear him share about his experience.
    Counting every day and continuing to count, it has changed my perspective.

  5. I love that shot of the leaves! Beautiful. And amen for space heaters! :)

  6. Love that leaf photo!! Beautiful! I miss having four distinct seasons. We have summer, a short fall, a long winter, and a "spring tease." (No joke, someone called it that when I moved here.) Enjoy your fall weather!!


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