Eight Years and the List that Never Ends # 461-470

Eight years ago today, this is what Josh and I were doing.....

I'd do it again today.

Thanking God for....

# 461. ... eight years with my best friend.

# 462. ... for a husband who is faithful, a hard worker, a servant, and a leader.

# 463. ... for a lot of good times that made us laugh....

# 464. ... and some difficult times that made us grow.

# 465. ... for encouraging and supportive families who have emphasized the value of a healthy marriage.

# 466. ... for our little fuzzball Harvey who provides us with endless entertainment and fodder for stories that we make up about him to amuse ourselves... :o)

# 467. ... for opened doors and God's provision over the last few years as we've faced unemployment, the illness/caretaking/death of a close friend, changing careers, going back to school, Josh being away from home a lot, and even more changes looming on the horizon...

# 468. ... that my Mamaw's health issue cleared up on its own, she didn't need surgery, and she's home recovering now... thank you for praying!

# 469. ... for the institution of marriage itself - for the comfort, security, and joy it is to have someone committed to you for life and who loves you in spite of yourself...

# 470. ... for the deeper meaning behind the symbol - Jesus' love and sacrifice for the Church, and her
submission to and love for Him.

Happy Anniversary to us, Josh!
I love you....

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  1. Happy Anniversary you guys! Let's see, 8 years ago today I was shivering away in a very pretty (but not very warm) bridesmaid dress watching you guys get hitched. Beautiful evening, beautiful couple! May you have many, many more years serving the Lord together! Blessings!

  2. Congratulations, i hope that your next year is blessed...so glad your mom did not need surgery...

  3. We are neighbors on Ann's community link-up this week. Happy anniversary! May there be many more as you keep growing in loving God and each other. Your list is a beautiful testimony and encouragement. I'm glad I stopped by. Grace and peace to you in Jesus.

  4. Congratulations & Happy Anniversary!! You guys are an inspiration and a great example! Love you!!


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