In Which I Address the Entrepreneurial, Geek-ish Sort.

Do you do art & craft shows or run a small business of any kind? Have you ever missed out on sales because you had no way to accept credit / debit cards, or found yourself in a pickle when your friend owes you money for the pizza you just split, yet he or she is out of cash?

Fret no more. My cousin just introduced me to the coolest little gadget....

It's called Square Up, and it looks like this:
 This little joker plugs into the earphone jack of your ipad or smart phone, and it acts as a scanner for credit / debit cards! You simply sign up for an account at the Square Up website, install the software on your iwhatever, plug this doohicky in, and start zipping away. You can even have it calculate and include sales tax automatically. The funds are deposited nightly into your bank account.

The nice part is - you can get the attachment for free when you create an account. They'll mail it to you  - no shipping charges or anything. You are charged a very small percentage on each transaction (which happens whenever you accept a payment via credit card, Paypal, etc. anyway).

I'm really excited about doing future art shows with this thing... I've lost a bunch of sales because people don't always carry cash or checks with them - just cards. But no more.... and best of all, there's no expensive, bulky equipment to rent or buy (which is nice if you only do occasional shows, like me). You also don't have to worry about having electricity available for your tent. SO convenient! If you run any kind of small business, this is a great thing to have...

Now, the disclaimers:

1) I am not being paid or otherwise compensated to advertise this thing. Square Up has no idea I'm doing this post, nor do they probably care. I just think it's cool and handy, and I'm sure other entrepreneurial types will as well.

2) Although this allows you to accept credit card payments, I do not endorse using credit cards. They're an easy way to get in way over your head in debt, quickly. If you can't pay off your balance EVERY SINGLE MONTH, then you need to go all Dave Ramsey on those things and CHOP THEM UP. You might want to do it anyway, since research shows that people tend to overspend when they're paying with plastic rather than cold, hard cash. If you decide to chop your cards up, then fortunately, I will still be accepting cash and checks for any orders you place in my shop (and would prefer those since I don't have to pay the percentage for the transaction). Anyway, be responsible. You'll thank me later.


  1. What a cool gadget Beth! I can definitely see it as a handy tool for craft fairs, etc.

  2. Thats seems great. I wonder if it would work overseas as long as its linked to a US bank account? If so I will get one. No were here takes cards, but many times thats all travels carry. It would be nice to offer that for costumers.

  3. Very cool. I can think of a number of people who might find this helpful. btw our fams all about Dave Ramsey!

  4. Your rant about credit cards cracked me up! HAH!


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