The List that Never Ends: # 481-490

Thanking God today...

# 481. ... for providing a great furnished house for us to rent while we're in VA for the next few months. It has everything we needed/wanted, nice landlords, and is budget-friendly - totally hassle-free compared to the other options we were considering. Yay.

# 482. ... for books by G. K. Chesterton, specifically Orthodoxy at the moment. The way he thinks/writes makes me chuckle out loud while reading.

# 483. ... for orders every day since I reopened my shop...AFTER Christmas! (...and thank you for that as well, dear readers...)

# 484. ... for the chance to see what it's like to live pretty close to the beach - a first for me.

# 485. ... for opportunities to see and experience new things and places.

# 486. ... that one of Josh's sisters and her family live nearby, so we're not totally unconnected in this new place.

# 487. ... for a new Keurig coffee maker - oh so good...

# 488. ... for a bunch of opportunities over the holidays to spend time with friends and family before leaving.

# 489. ... that my Mom's dog wasn't lost or dog-napped, just hiding in the woodpile....

# 490. ... for a New Year and 4 new lives in Christ (three of my nephews and once niece)...

Care to join in with your own list?
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Happy Monday.


  1. Orders every day... oh my goodness, what a blessing that is! That beach photo is amazing! I loved when we lived by the beach. We are nowhere near one now and I miss it. So happy your mom's dog was found! :)

  2. so glad to hear you are settling, welcome to the world of living close to a beach...still, love, love it so much...so glad your art work is going to blessing houses soon ;)

  3. oh your art is beautiful. I love discovering new people through Ann's link list! Blessings :)

  4. Thank you all...

    Leanne, I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks!


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