The List that Never Ends: # 501-510

"All our discontents about what we want appeared to spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have." 

- Daniel Defoe

Well, the list never ends, but sometimes it gets delayed for a few weeks... I just realized I haven't done one of these posts in over a month! Fortunately, it's not due to a lack of gratitude on my part, but rather to a very busy few weeks! I usually write these posts on Monday mornings, and for the last several Mondays, I have either been babysitting, sick in bed, or busy with visits from family. So, today I'm getting back on track with some more items for my list of "one thousand gifts" from God...

Today, I am thankful....

# 501. ... for a new baby niece, Ella Rose...

# 502. ... for antibiotics, cold medicine, allergy medicine, cough syrup, pain killers, tissues with lotion, neti pots, heating pads, and Vicks Vaporub. I'm also thankful that Flonase smells like lilacs (to me, at least...). (Yes, it's been a rough few weeks around here!) 

# 503. ... for visits from family...

# 504. ... for the opportunity to get to know a few of my nieces and nephews that I haven't seen much over the last few years a little better...

# 505. ... for some beautiful, unseasonably warm weather in the middle of February.

# 506. ... for a couple days of sightseeing with my parents....

# 507. ... for a wonderful friend who also happens to be an accountant who can help me with my (pain in the neck) taxes! 

# 508. ... for a sweet husband who took care of me while I was sick. 

# 509. ... for hot mint tea and thin mints.... oh yeah. 

# 510. ... that God is so very patient with me, even when I'm a little thick-headed....

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  1. Hello Beth,
    I love the quote! It's says, with greater impact, something I quoted and covered re. Gratefulness in my last blog post! How I want to embrace thankfulness each day!

    I often think I'm a thankful person, but it I'm honest, it's always clouded by anxiety and fear of the future. Wondering if my world will be rocked tomorrow, keeps me from embracing God's grace today! Such anxiety cripples true thankfulness!

    I so appreciate your blog, posts, crafts, and general awesome-ness :-) And I LOVE you! Linda

  2. Oh goodness... I hope you are feeling better now! It is terrible when you catch something that doesn't seem to go away. Your niece is so sweet! I love the sightseeing photos with your parents. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! :)

  3. Love your title here -- the list that never ends! Indeed, His mercy endures forever . . . so the list must go on!

    Great pics here!

  4. hope you are feeling better! I love discovering new places...you are blessed to have so many nieces and nephews..

  5. Love seeing your parents in these photos!! Also glad I'm not the only one who runs behind on these weekly lists, haha... A resounding "amen" to #510; I am SO thankful God is patient with me!


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