The List that Never Ends: # 561-570

Thank God every morning when you get up,
that you have something to do that day which must be done…
~Charles Kingsley
Thanking God today...

#561. ... for encouragement from family, friends, and strangers (thank you!).

# 562. ... for a lot of progress made on a new collage.

# 563. ... for the opportunity to help someone.

# 564. ... that my niece Emma no longer has to wear her helmet and hasn't had any complications from her surgery (she was born with fused sutures in her skull and had surgery to open them back up to allow for normal growth).

# 565. ... for the variety of birds He created.

# 566. ... for a safe trip for Josh and his Dad when they went to visit his grandmother last week.

# 567. ... for a lovely wedding of some friends yesterday, followed by dinner & hanging out with other friends.

# 568. ... for a giant bunch of snowballs on my counter.

# 569. ... for the daily grind of simple, ordinary tasks.
# 570. ... that He never changes.

Joining Ann today:


  1. Today I'm just grateful for the sunshine and gorgeous weather :) And I'm always grateful for my husband and family, for good health and lots of chocolate!

    Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.
    --Psalm 106:1, NLT

  2. So happy to hear the great news about Emma. Your snowballs are so pretty! I have a bunch that have not bloomed yet! :)


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