The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

1. Well, inspired by my fancy pedicure with my Mom last week and an idea I found on Pinterest, I painted my fingernails for the first time in years this week. Here's the result:

To get the newsprint effect, you paint a base coat of a bone-colored nail polish, allow it to dry, then dip each nail in alcohol for about five seconds and press a pre-cut piece of newspaper against the nail. Peel it off slowly, and voilĂ !, there it is... Seal with a clear top coat.

Mine managed to last about three days before chipping, which is some kind of record for me. I am pretty hard on my nails, which is why I never paint them. It was fun though. While it's a little more trouble than I would take for my normal nail routine (which is pretty much "cut-and-file-the-rough-edges-and-get-rid-of-hangnails-and-that's-it"), I think this would be fun to do for a book club meeting or if you were the editor of a newspaper or something (female, of course). Anyway. There it is.

Don't look at my cuticles.

You looked, didn't you?
2. I started another blog dedicated to birding. After watching "The Big Year" (which I told you about in the last gallery), my husband, father-in-law, and I decided to do our own Not-So-Big Year. We're competing to see who can spot and photograph the most birds over the course of the next year. I started a blog to keep up with my species and photos, and I'll be sharing them with anyone who's interested. Feel free to stop by and check it out, and you can even join in on our Not-So-Big Year if you'd like! Just send me the link to your blog or photo album, and I'll add it to my sidebar... The rules are simple, spot as many species of bird (in the wild, of course) between now and April 12, 2013 as you can, and TAKE A PHOTO to share of each species. Upload it to a blog or photo sharing site, and send me the link. It'll be fun...

By the way, none of us are expert or even very good amateur birders, so you really don't have to know what you're doing to join in. Just get a field guide and a camera and come along.... There's a cool app for your smart phone called iBird that has a field guide, slide shows with bird calls, and neat search features. It's easier than toting around a bulky field guide, and you can use your camera phone to make it an all-in-one tool. So feel free to join us!

3. Speaking of cool apps, have you heard of "Draw Something"? It's basically Pictionary that you can play on your phone with your friends. Your friend sends you a picture, which you get to watch them draw in real time and attempt to guess what it is with some random letters they give you. Then you draw a picture to send back (choosing from three options they give you). Your friend gets to watch your attempt at guessing his or her drawing, then guess your drawing, then draw another picture for you. There's no real way to win, you just see how many rounds you can go without missing one. It's a lot of fun... and quite challenging at times, since you're drawing on a two inch screen with your stubby fingertip. Here are some examples ("Medusa," "Wardrobe," and "Paris" - Please excuse the stripes on my French flag... I had the colors right, but the orientation wrong. My apologies to the French.)

4. Here's a dumb little video I made:

That's all I've got! Have a good weekend!

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! That video is hilarious!! But you should know I was laughing before I even watched it because of your concise, completely unprideful introduction... "Here's a dumb little video I made." HAHA!! I love it! I also love the Tumnus reference in your wardrobe picture!! Too great!


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