The List that Never Ends: # 581-590

Well, here I am chiming in a day late with my "list that never ends" due to some Internet problems. It was down over the weekend, and guess what? You actually CAN live without being online! (Well, maybe - I still had my iPhone.... ;o)) The little break was kind of nice. Anyway, without further ado, here's this week's installment....

Thanking God today...

# 581. ... for working Internet!
# 582. ... for a random interview request last year that led to being published in a Kindle book recently.

# 583. ... for getting to visit with my cousin and her family before they move to CA.
# 584. ... for a couple of opportunities to serve others lately.
# 585. ... for a cute husband who's building us fun birding stands in the woods.

# 586. ... for a beautiful and sweet wedding of some good friends from church, and for the testimony of their commitment to purity (their first kiss EVER was at the altar).
# 587. ... for lunch dates with friends.
# 588. ... for some opportunities on the horizon which will help build my business.
# 589. ... that my nephew (who has had something like 18 heart surgeries) got over the weird virus that had us all worried.... and that the rest of his family who got it afterwards is almost over it... (hopefully).
# 590. ... that God is constantly working on me and the people around me, and that He doesn't give up on any of us.

Joining Ann today:


  1. Oh wow... your birding stands up way up there! lol How cool! What an adorable newlywed couple! :) Glad to hear you nephew has gotten over his virus!

  2. I'm impressed by Josh's handiness!! Wow! Where in CA is Renee moving to? She'll be my neighbor (sort of)! =) Amen to #590 for sure. =) Miss you, friend!!


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