The List that Never Ends: # 611-620

Today, I am thanking God...

# 611. ... for the brave men and women who have given their lives to protect our freedoms here in the USA, and for their families.

# 612. ... for a beautiful, sun-, water-, and bird-filled day at the lake on Friday with my parents, brother, nieces, nephew, husband, and a pack of crazy dogs.

# 613. ... for a new engagement between two very good friends. Yay. :o) 

# 614. ... for a random Mute Swan that showed up on Watauga Lake the other day - that was the first swan I'd ever seen on that lake in my life, and it just happened to show up AFTER we started our "Big Year." Cool.

# 615. ... for work to do every day.

# 616. ... for cool breezes and air conditioners on hot days.

# 617. ... for perfectly ripe avocados.

# 618. ... for my new little American Goldfinch friend that keeps coming around.

# 619. ... for comfy flip-flops.

# 620. ... for the power of forgiveness.

Joining Ann today:

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