Nope, I'm not dead....

... I just haven't had time to blog!

From helping plan and decorate for a wedding to going on a family history tour, we've had a terribly busy few weeks... I am working on a few posts that I will be putting up over the next few days, but I just had to share this BREAKING NEWS:

My husband finally got his orders from the Navy today, so we know where we're going to be moving come March....

Needless to say, we're in a bit of a flurry over here.... there's so much to do in the next six months!

In the meantime, I guess those Spanish textbooks that I've been hanging onto since college will come in handy.... ;o)


  1. Muchas felices querida Elizabetta♥ Que Dios te bendiga♥

  2. Oh wow!!!!!!So excited for you too...just imagine Europe...so close and all the amazing art museums...so happy for you....not to mention all the lovely architecture....

    1. Thanks, Jenni! We're excited too... We both love Europe, and I've always dreamed of living there at some point in my life. We're hoping to do a lot of traveling while we're there... We may even hop down to Africa at some point if things calm down a little. :o) It will definitely be an adventure!


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