{Worldview} Book Review: I'm a Stranger Here Myself by Bill Bryson

Well, since it's been a crazy few weeks, I thought I'd review something on the lighter side today. If you recall, a while back I reviewed a fantastic book by Bill Bryson called At Home: A Short History of Private Life. Today, I'm reviewing another of his books:
I'm a Stranger Here Myself
by Bill Bryson

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While it was told with his characteristic dry humor and ready wit, this was quite a different sort of book than At Home, which was written as a history of the house and the things in it and organized by room. This, in contrast, is a collection of articles written for a newspaper describing Bryson's readjustment to life in back in America after having lived in Britain for twenty years.
Each chapter is a short article covering some commonplace characteristic of life in America. He is quick to point out and praise the things he appreciates about America (such as baseball), and he's just as quick to wryly mock the absurdities of life here (I loved the chapter called, "Your Tax Form Explained").
While I found myself chuckling occasionally at the dry humor and wry commentary Bryson made in At Home, I'm a Stranger Here Myself is laugh-out-loud funny on just about every page. My husband called to me numerous times while I was reading this book in the other room to ask why I was laughing hysterically. His style in this book reminded me a lot of Dave Barry. It's a quick, easy read, and I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for something light and humorous.
What are YOU reading? 


  1. I love his section on being able to buy a canoe at L.L.Bean at 3 AM, if you are so inclined. :)

    1. Yeah, that was a good one... I actually thought about you when I was reading that chapter. :o)

  2. I read that book as well, and as an immigrant to the US I found so much to agree - and to laugh. It was a wonderful, relaxing read. Yes, the LL Bean section was great!!! (I love LL Bean)


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